Please read the following report to learn more about the Alex Eipert MISSING case, which concerns the disappearance a twenty-two year-old Iowa beauty pageant contest winner.

Are you concerned about rising celebrity lives? Do you have any missing information about any of the celebrities you are concerned about? To answer any questions you may have about this incident, and to help you determine your next steps, please refer to this account.

Today’s report will discuss absenteeism by a personality of the United States. Citizens want the most detailed information possible and to understand what their next steps should be. Continue reading to find out more about the Alex Eipert Misplaced case.

Alex Eipert Missing News

The missing persons’ information section of the Iowa Government website contained the details. Alexandria Marie Eipert had been reported missing by friends since Thursday, 30th May 2022. This was to be addressed to the Iowa City Police Department. Based on the reports and statements, authorities uploaded the missing person’s details to the platform under the endangered/physical code.

Some people may have seen the name and searched for it on the Internet. However, Alex is not mentioned on the portal.

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Our research revealed that Alexandria Eipert is one of the state queens from a beauty pageant which was held in the United States. In 2020, Miss Iowa was her title. She was also one of the Iowa title winners (Iowa Teen, Iowa Pre-Teen and Iowa Princess).

What are Alex Eipert’s Physical Features?

The police have made available the physical characteristics of the missing person to the official portal by the concerned authorities. These details will allow citizens to identify Alex Eipert, aged 22, Missing if she is found. You can access the information via the government website. These have been included in our report as a reference.

  • Gender – Female
  • Height – 5 Feet 9 Inches
  • Weight – 140 pounds.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Complexion-White

How to Find the Missing Person If You Believe You Found Them?

It is not a good idea to try to trace any woman with any of the above characteristics. This suggests that you shouldn’t go up to the person to ask them questions or to get involved in any scene you saw Alex Eipert Iowa City.

Instead, collect as many details as possible about the location, condition of the person, and whereabouts they are located. It is important to correctly record the vehicle number, whereabouts, and other details in order to locate the missing person.

You can gather all the necessary information and call the concerned office at 515-725-6036. This number is for the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse, Iowa’s official in criminal investigation. Contact the same number, however, if any information is needed about Alexandria Eipert’s absenteeism.


Alex Eipert, Missing: You can keep the personal details of the subject handy until the police find her. It is easy to imagine Alex Eipert’s family in the present. We must do all we can help them find her. You can see the Iowa Government website for more information.

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