One of the most important elements of well-designed websites, blogs, and eCommerce is the images. Image optimization is essential to create eCommerce stores and websites to attract the attention of targeted users. It ultimately helps to increase the revenues from online sales. 

If you are looking for high-quality images for your online stores, business websites, or social media posts, you will need to visit the websites offering free stock photos. One of the most popular websites to procure images for free is Freerange Stock. They have thousands of registered users because they have an extensive collection of high-quality free photos.

What is image optimization?

Image optimization means using the images in the best possible ways to achieve the desired results. It involves various tasks like 

  • Placing the images in the right positions
  • Removing the Unwanted images
  • Editing and cropping of photos
  • Using the right file names as per best SEO practices
  • Linking the images to the target pages

Web developers generally minimize the image sizes without reducing the quality to ensure a quick load time of pages. Image optimization is also an ongoing task depending on the hits and misses.

Know more about Freerange Stock

This community of more than 800,000 registered users provides high-quality free stock pictures. Since 2007, all the images have been consistently promoted and highlighted on the website. All the photos have broad commercial use licenses that don’t require attribution. They also have an image search engine on the site to help the users find the right pictures in a matter of seconds.

Trust in this image source

Freerange Stock takes precautions in every situation to assure the reliability of the photographs they offer, which come from a variety of sources. Here are some details regarding the method used to obtain these pictures.

  • In-house photography – Photographers who are formally connected to the website have provided some of the photographs they created or clicked. These photographs are owned by Freerange Stock, and they have total copyright authority.
  • Acquisitions or commissions – They have full copyright control over the original photos, as they have obtained the rights to publish and distribute directly from the owners.
  • Contributed images – Photographers from all over the world donate a large number of photographs, and they are honored and trusted with their distribution. Each image submitted is carefully examined, and those whose authorship or ownership is in doubt are not accepted. Photographers are requested to keep their original files on hand in case any verification is needed.
  • Licensed Images – To license their work for publication on the website, Freerange Stock works directly with image artists. Any photos that have been licensed come from the owner of the copyright and the original artist.
  • CC0 images – Some CC0 (Public Domain) photographs are obtained by them from various websites and official archives. For honoring the license of contributions, Freerange Stock always links them to their original creators. 

Freerange Stock is fully aware of the origins of the pictures they offer. They are also willing to provide you with more information about the origin and history of any specific image if you have any concerns about its validity.