Sworn translators are a group of linguists that have been authorized by the legal authorities to provide official translation services. This means that their translations have the same value as those of other official documents in the eyes of the law.

Sworn translations are used in a number of administrative and legal situations, including immigration processes. They are particularly helpful for visa applications  www.jits.co id birth certificates, and citizenship paperwork.


Sworn translators are specialized translation experts who have an academic background and years of experience. They are able to translate a variety of documents, including contracts, legal agreements, and immigration documents.

Sworn translations are generally more expensive than standard translations. This is due to the fact that a sworn translation must be notarized by a government authority before it can be used legally.

This process differs from country to country. For example, in Italy, a sworn translation must be taken to the court and approved by a public official before it can be used as an authentic document.

This can be a lengthy and costly process. Nevertheless, if you have high stakes legal documents, a sworn translation is a necessary step for their accuracy. It is worth the extra cost.


Confidentiality is an important principle that determines who has access to certain information and how it can be shared. It’s a key consideration for business since it protects plans, strategies and trade secrets from being leaked publicly.

Clients should be able to trust that their information will remain private and not get leaked to a third party during their communication with a certified interpreter. This is because a certified interpreter always upholds confidentiality as a part of their code of ethics.

For example, a doctor that uses a certified interpreter to facilitate the communication with a limited English proficient patient should not have to worry about the information they share with the interpreter getting out. Similarly, a lawyer that hires an interpreter to assist in communicating with a client should be able to trust that the attorney will keep their information confidential as well.


If you’re submitting documents to a government department or legal firm, accuracy is critical. If a single word is incorrect in a translated document, you risk the consequences of perjury or contempt of court.

Certified translation is a process that involves sworn translators who sign and seal the translations. This makes them legally valid and gives them the same weight as other official documents.

Unlike regular translators, sworn translators are appointed and accredited by their government to deliver official translation services. They are required to take an oath before a judge and provide their credentials, such as their full name and contact details.

Sworn translations are often needed for a wide range of documents, from business expansion to university admissions. They are also useful if you need to get a visa to travel or establish a new business in another country.


Timeliness is key to the success of any business and a sworn translation is no exception. If you’re in the legal industry, you likely need your documents translated into a variety of languages to keep up with changing regulations and judicial rulings, which can be a slog if you don’t have a dedicated team of translators on call at all times.

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