This article focuses on the Webroot Scam. We’ll discuss why people are frustrated with the webroot app and its scam.

Webroot antivirus and security software are two options. Webroot is an anti-virus that protects your computer, mobiles and files from viruses and any external sources. Is it possible to get irritated by webroot antivirus?

Many people are complaining about the scam of the antivirus software from the United States. They are sharing their opinions and comments online through the website comment section and some community pages. Webroot Scam – We should look at the comments.


The webroot app is an anti-virus software that people use to protect their mobile phones and computers from being infected by viruses or other bugs. Recent problems have been reported with the webroot software.

Some users believe that Webroot scams them by offering a subscription and charging extra for an upgrade. The program cannot be uninstalled if the user wants to remove it. Webroot is likely to disappear completely, so users are unhappy and complain about this scam.

Webroot Subscription

Victims post the invoice message in the Webroot comments section. They claim that they are being provided with a wrong helpline phone number. To refund a customer, they need to have their credit card details. A subscription will not grant you premium access. However, you will receive notification that your transaction is in error. You can return your refund within four days.

Many people fall for this scam. According to the company, it was caused by a server error. We will attempt to reach you as soon and as efficiently as possible, but we have received no response.

Webroot Mobile Security

You can also get the webroot mobile security system from the Apple Store or Play Store. Additional, the Play Store only gives the application two stars. Multiple negative reviews combined with a single rating suggest that this application is ineffective and not worth downloading.

The webroot app has a trust score that is 76 % but it is useless. Webroot doesn’t have satisfied customers who can give honest feedback about Webroot Fraud . Thus, it is unlikely that Webroot is worth installing. But, McAfee and Quick Heal are both better options for your mobile and computer.


Many users have complaints about the webroot anti-virus software. Some people are in great trouble after installing the software and can’t get it uninstalled. Webroot can also use the subscription scheme to scam you, asking for personal information and bank details, such a debit card number.

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