Life is unpredictable. Balance life divided into two parts: internal i.e., heart, mind, health and the second one is external i.e., family, society, friends, work, adventure, balanced life requires proper balance between these two important parts of life. If you feel pulled in any one direction and uneasy, these steps may help you get your life aligned: set goals, make your dreams come true, make schedule chart, preparation, empower, willing to take the risk. When you are living with balance, you are living with peace, harmony in every day of life. So, take a deep breath and start with a fresh to make your life best. Balance the key to live a happy life. In our life if we lack balance will lack everything. Balance should not be placed in a particular area. It should be in everything we do in our daily life small too big. 

The strategy of creating more balanced life and lifestyle literally learning to live more like human being in this world of human. Knowing yourself more is the key thing and learning to control yourself. Here are some things you have to consider and put into practice.

1.Physical health and fitness.

Considering what you eat is key thing here, eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding junkie food stuffs will save you a lot. This include giving you a more life expectancy in these times of many serious illnesses. Getting fit is a way to correct early mistake, do some morning, use red light therapies at home, run and visit the gym at least once a week.


Family is foundation of your social life, just remember in evening to grab that small Teddy bear doll and take it to you little sister as a gift, this will make her smile. Having a strong family bond will also give you more confident, love and kindness dealing with other people outside your family neighborhood to work.

3.Personal responsibility.

Taking care of personal hygiene is great way of living a normal life. Dressing well and treating yourself in best way possible. This world is not a prison for you to remain fixed at same place working from Monday to Monday. Remember to go out have some fun and forget your problems.

4.Goals and ambitions.

Having ambitions and goals can be a good way to escape depression and help bold social confident, the way people stand, walk and communicate can tell more of how ambitious they are. Setting goals in life starting for minimal one such as waking up and spreading your bed every day will help.

5.Social life.

Socialization will help you make new friends. Friends are the immediate refuge when you are away from your family. When traveling to new places consider making some new friends, friend with ambitions and goal. They will help you mentally socially and you will grow to your splendor in balance way.

What is the secret to a balanced life?

When the standards that are set and forced upon us differ from the standards of those with whom we choose to have personal relationships, we become unbalanced and unhappy. To find our balance again, we usually desire those relationships we choose for ourselves over those that are forced upon us. We are forced to make continual adjustments to our lost, true sense of self. If we arrive at some sense of balance by conforming to our present world, we are thrown off balance as things change around us.

It does not mean in sustaining any high ideals or attaining of goals, then you will be stuck to one direction but is more to manage life with your third eye open being aware of what you feel, think and do.

The mind is designed to tilt towards what it is obsessed about may it be on any subject, say from the divine to the devil. It is for us to see and be aware that we use the mind in a balanced manner rather than be used by its incessant chattering thoughts, emotions, desires and demands. Meaning, we require to balance the mind internally and externally, materially and spiritually.

Balancing life can never be perfect than you would be in equilibrium, which is not possible for long. You need to stabilize that swing like a tight-rope walker constantly maintaining the posture when the pole one holds tilts to either side.

According to founder of orthopedic store FITMAX “The whole secret lies gaining the awareness in that balance of why, what and how the presence of our being reflects the human embodiment. Yoga, meditation with mindfulness and controlled breathing are some of the techniques useful in the art of balancing the body, the mind and the spirit.