In a quite long period of years EA sports was working for dominating all types of sports games, back 1988, John Madden as one of the most popular American football stars was contacted with EA for using his name on a EA football game series and that the original part of Madden series. 

Actually the returning of John Madden back the cover in more than 20 years indicated there will be a big change and EA will bring a brand new update in Madden 23, just like they promised in every series. 


EA finally got defense back in Madden 23, and it’s very much welcome now. This kind of goes along with the gameplay improvements, but the defense itself has seen such a decent upgrade this year. I feel like it needs to be talked about on its own, and again it’s not perfect, it’s not amazing. It’s not without its faults, but it’s much better than what we’ve been dealing with in previous games. 

Zones play much better this year, there are still holes in zones, well of course. If you can find the weaknesses, there’s gonna be open windows. However, unlike last year you can’t just throw the same crossing route over and over on the sideline without proper route combinations to open up the crossing route, otherwise the outside cornerback will notice it and pick it off. Flat zones actually jump passes in the flats now, whereas in years past it’s been very hit or miss. The pass rush is super turned up so you don’t have time to just throw deep passes every single play, if you want to do like that you’re gonna get sacked and hit a lot. And containment is finally better as well you can’t just roll out blindly every single play with your quarterback.

Franchise mode

Over the last two years, EA has finally made an effort to make franchise mode better and although the final result was not satisfactory. This year, EA built some new stuff based on what they added last year like the scouting system, adding more scouts allowing you to scout more players and getting more information about players earlier and fixing some of the bugs. They also change the entire free agency trade period. I think is such a huge upgrade. 

It’s harder to build your team now, you can’t just easily get any players you want, and players have different motivations, some players just won’t be obtainable, unless your team can satisfy the criteria. Some players might be able to be convinced if you pay him enough. I think is a big deal for the mode, and on top of that they’ve added player tags as well to help with team building which I think is another thing that’s going overlooked..

Legacy game

I think this is something really cool they did to the game. This year, they put a legacy game in where you can play with some of the greatest players of all time, so now you can play with some of the legend players, where previously you could only play with them in an ultimate team. Coach John Madden is on the sideline for both teams, the commentary walks you through John Madden’s career and touches on some of the highlights from his career. John Madden’s commentary is also a part of this legacy game where he pops in and out to talk about things as well. There’s a cool halftime tribute as part of it, i just think it’s actually something really cool and something unique that EA has done. They don’t always do unique things, so this is definitely something fun that i think, any fan of John Madden would enjoy new games.

The lack of customization

This is always something that has been a problem with madden over the last decade, and it continues into madden 23. There’s still no created team, the create a player is still extremely limited, the options to put on your player are still limited as well. When you consider it’s 2022 and you also can’t create stadiums, you can’t create your own uniforms and ultimate team, that would make you really disappoint.

Same old stale commentary

Personally this doesn’t bother me because I don’t usually listen to the commentary when I play anyway. I listen to music or something, but for most people that play specifically offline players. Franchise players want to be more immersed in the game and the commentary is a big part of that. Brandon Garden and Charles Davis have been in the commentary crew in the game for a very long time, now and it’s just kind of gotten old, a lot of the same lines get repeated year after year which really needs to be updated.

Overall the EA’s updates in Madden 23 provide players with a better gaming experience, and as a decades-old game series, it’s hard to make every series has a brand new content. However, EA is still innovating in it, which is the most respectable part of those updates. For the fan of Madden series, it is a great game for you and there is no reason you should miss it. For the people who never played Madden series before, it is also a good game for beginners.

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