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Victor Bout Died

According to an online source Victor Bout served as a Military officer in Soviet Union. He was convicted of conspiracy to kill Americans and sentenced to 25-years in prison. He was also charged with exporting missiles and supporting a group involved in illegal activities. He is also known by the name “The merchant of death”.

He also had the nickname Sanctions Buster. Bout was captured in Thailand by Thai Police along with American Authorities. Bout was claimed by many to be released. People also want Viktor Boute Net Worth 2022.

Net Worth Viktor Boute

Viktor Bout has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. Online sources claim that he used to smuggle arms for billions of dollar. He smuggled arms from Eastern Europe to Africa. He was born in 1967 on 13 January.

After graduating the Military Institute of Foreign Languages he joined the Soviet Armed Forces. He also served as a Russian Military Officer. He speaks fluently in Russian, Persian Arabic, English, French, and English. Bout was also the Soviet Army’s translator. He was finally discharged after the fall of Soviet Union in 1991.

Viktor Bout Buyer Death

Viktor Bout has the nickname Merchant of Death. According to online sources, he was involved in arms trafficking and conspired with US officials and citizens to murder him. He was able to smuggle various kinds of weapons from 1996 to 1998. Bout started an airline in Tajikistan, in 2004. Bout established the company to continue his money laundering operations. He also supplied weapons to groups in Africa. He also supplied air-missiles to Kenya for the attack on an Israeli aircraft. Viktor Bout Nickname is known as the Merchant of Death for his many activities.

Bout’s property was forfeited by Executive Order after he was charged in money laundering cases. Bout was released by the Bangkok Criminal Court after his arrest. An appeal by the US overturned that judgment, and Bout was extradited to America. The Russian government was against Bout’s extradition.

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Viktor was sentenced after he was found guilty of conspiracies and illegal activities against the US government. Viktor Bout Merchant Death is well-known for all his activities in opposition to the US government. Even though the Russian government supported him, it was unable to help him.