This article is about a Webfleet Solutions-provided location-based service that assists in the identification of vehicles. Find out more about vehicle GPS tracker solutions.

Are you curious to find out more about an exciting service that uses the most advanced technology for location tracking? If so, read on to discover more about the features that make location tracking easier.

People living in the United Kingdom regularly use online taxi services. The services include many location-based functions that help drivers reach specific locations using the fastest possible methods.

This article covers all details related to the services offered by Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions.

Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions is a telematics company that was previously known as TomTom Telematics. They offer telematics services to their clients and customers, including vehicle telematics, connected car service and fleet management.

Webfleet Solutions’ essential service is location tracking. This uses the most recent GPS technology to locate the vehicle at a precise location in real-time.

Multiple devices can have real-time GPS data. This allows customers to monitor their ride and determine the distance covered.

How does Vehicle Tracking work?

  • A GPS system is attached to the vehicle in order to track it and its movements.
  • A GPS receiver integrated into the vehicle is used to track the vehicle’s movements throughout its entire journey.
  • A simple login is all that’s required to allow officials to view the vehicle’s movements. A simple login is required to view location data. This allows for real-time location.
  • The tracking system allows the person watching to communicate with the vehicle driver and make more meaningful decisions regarding the trip.

Vehicle Tracker Solutions

  • An additional G-force sensor is included in the tracking device, which allows the driver to monitor acceleration-based actions.
  • The person in charge of driving can instruct the driver to avoid speeding, oversteering and harsh braking. Not only that, but a well-moving vehicle can reduce fuel consumption.
  • The driver receives instructions from the traffic department on how to navigate through traffic and avoid getting caught in jams.

Advantages of GPS Tracker

  • GPS technology is used for planning routes that take less than 30 minutes to reach. This saves a lot of time. Learn more about vehicle GPS tracker solutions.
  • The tracker allows you to select routes with lesser distances, which reduces fuel consumption.
  • Offers customers faster delivery.
  • The vehicle can be tracked within minutes if it is stolen.
  • You can reduce the paper involved, which will result in higher productivity.
  • It is also possible to reduce the amount of time needed for management.


Customers feel safer when vehicles are linked to a tracking system. The entire journey can also be monitored via a mobile device, which provides real-time information by an concerned individual. Read more about this topic.

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