The following article will cover the Vangelis Cause for Death and all the hit songs he has produced in his lifetime as well his work.

Did you know that Vangelis was the Oscar-winning Composer? He died in 2022 on 17 May. What was the possible reason for his sudden death?

Vangelis won an Oscar for the theme song to “Chariots Of Fire”. After his most popular theme songs for top-rated movies or series, he won a great frame in United KingdomCanada and United States. He died in 1979 at the age 79. In this article we will show you the Vangelis Causes for Death.

Vangelis was killed?

Coronavirus, heart failure and coronavirus are the major causes of Vangelis’ death. The cause of his death is still unknown. His cause of death remains a mystery. However, people are eagerly awaiting the answer.

Vangelis spent part of his time in Paris, France. According to the insider, Vangelis’s death was caused by many factors.

Vangelis Chariots of Fire

Chariots of fire is Vangelis’s best creation. It was also ranked as one of the Top 100 Billboard Hit Songs. He was awarded numerous academic awards for his song Chariots of Fire.

This song was composed for the 1981 film, Chariots of Fire. It earned him much fame and won him numerous awards such as best picture and original musical score. It is an instrumental synth soundtrack. Chariots of Fire, which is his YouTube track, had 17 million hits.

Vangelis Blade Runner

Blade Runner is Vangelis’s latest masterpiece. Here, he uses one the largest Yamaha CS-80 Synths to create this music. Vangelis wrote the famous Blade Runner score for Ridley Scott.

Vangelis, born in Argia Greece on 29th March 1943, was his first child. He worked for numerous top labels in music such as Sony, Universal and Atlantic. He was a top Music Director and composer, who died in Paris at 79. He is also known Vangelis, but the tragic news about his death brings much sorrow to his friends and loved ones. He worked extensively in the music industry, as well as for top film labels.


Vangelis was one the most important Greek singer-composers of all time. He died in his 79th year. We don’t know the exact cause of his death. Many speculate that he could have died from heart disease or coronavirus.

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