Hands with protective glove, examining a novel coronavirus covid 19 test tube the result is + positive.

The COVID-19 variant is gaining popularity and scammers are becoming more sophisticated to come up with new schemes for individuals. A lot of people of Britain have reported that scammers are using new tactics to lure people into their homes. United Kingdom have complained of a new kind of scam using text messages.

Scammers send out texts to inform individuals that they’ve been in contact with Omicron positive individuals. You must click the link that appears to be suspicious and order the test kit at home by sharing their bank account details as well as personal information.

Police warn the public to be aware of urgent Test Kit Scam circulating throughout the UK.

What’s what is an Urgent Test Kit?

Urgent Test Kit is the site that has been used to scam residents of the United Kingdom. Scammers send scam text messages to random users and claiming that they have had contact with individuals who had positive tests for the new Omicron variant.

The text message enjoins users to take action quickly to click a link that appears suspicious to purchase their testing kit immediately. But, police and the authorities regularly remind people to stay away from fraudulent text messages and to never follow suspicious links.

The text messages of scams ask users to provide the bank’s details as well as personal details to purchase the urgent test kit for home use.

How urgently test Kit Scams are being made?

After conducting an analysis, we found that scammers are using innovative techniques to scam individuals and get their bank account details as well as personal details. Scammers are carrying out scams through sending out random fraudulent text messages to victims.

In the text they inform the person that they’ve come into contact with those who are positive with Omicron variants. This means that they have to take an examination at home. For this, they need to click the link to the right from where they can purchase the home test kit.

There’s a suspicious link that when clicked on the urgent Test Kit Scam link and are directed to a different website which asks them to provide their bank information as well as pay shipping costs and give out personal details.

Police as well as local officials are alert to the fraud, they advise users not to contact or divulge any personal information to the fraudsters.

How can you stay safe from Scam?

  • Avoid clicking on any link which redirects you to a website of a third party that are not affiliated with NHS.
  • Don’t divulge your banking details or personal information immediately without scrutinizing the legitimacy and legitimacy Urgent Test Kit scam link.
  • You can block the phone number in case suspect it to be an untrue number.
  • Residents can send the scam’s SMS message to the number 7726 sending a message to 7726 and writing “SCAM.”
  • Examine spelling and grammar.


Therefore, you should not divulge any personal information or bank account information with someone that you don’t know. Beware of the latest Urgent Test Kit scam. The text message might appear genuine in the beginning However, you are not allowed to give out any information without checking the numbers and other details.