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Students and word enthusiasts around the world use this simple but effective website to discover new information and add new vocabulary to their writing. This site also helps simplify complicated words into simpler ones. Learn further on

About Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online educational and informative website that was created by Aaron Peckham in 1999. The site is entirely made up of English This website is the newest generation dictionary that covers almost every meaning that can be of English such as phrases and slang terms.

Introduction of the slang terms brought more users to this site, as the majority of dictionary websites don’t offer much information on slang terms. The popularity of this website has increased as more professionals and students found it user-friendly, in comparison to traditional dictionary. Therefore, this easy online site saved time by providing definitions for words with just a single click.

  • The website was designed and designed in a straightforward manner so that even children can use it to find out the significance of terms and phrases they aren’t able to comprehend.
  • The motto of the website is “Define Your World”, which is an extremely meaningful slogan considering the value this website can provide to the society.
  • A majority of students, researchers and professionals save this website to make it easy to information.
  • The interface is extremely easy and without ads, making the site simple and tidy.

What is the word’s meaning?

  • Go to using a tablet, laptop, computer or mobile.
  • The homepage is made up of the search bar.
  • Type in the words or phrases that you are interested in knowing.
  • Search the internet.
  • In a matter of minutes, you’ll get words with identical or exact meanings.
  • In the context in the meaning of this word you will find instances and similar words.
  • Users are also able to hit either the “like” or “dislike” buttons available. Take note of the number of likes and dislikes to determine the validity of the message that is provided by the user.
  • The user may also submit errors if they are discovered.

Other features

  • also provides an online store for those who love words.
  • The consumer can choose the items to write their preferred word and the meaning of it on different physical items.
  • Urban Dictionary’s products Urban Dictionary are T-shirts, Mugs, sweatshirts and hats All items are delivered for free within the USA.
  • The customers are provided with a range of colors to choose from. Tee-shirt, sweatshirt, and hat are available in various sizes.


Online dictionaries are preferred to physical dictionaries because it is user-friendly and takes less time to determine the significance of a word or an expression.

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