Genshin Impact is always an enjoyable game to play. There are various adventures players go on and discover new destinations. Tsunami Island is a prime example of a location which has become an instant hit to discover among Genshin Impact players Worldwide. The players have set out on the quest to find Tsurumi Genshin Island. However, there is an avenue to get there , and today we’ll tell you where and how to locate the island.

What is Tsurumi Island?

Genshin Impact 2.2 has added Tsurumi Island, in addition to other features that are new. The interesting thing is that nobody knows how to get there. There are certain to be interesting adventures on the island. It appears that the Island is covered in fog that makes it challenging to access the Island. The fog blocks players from getting to the Island using the Windrider. The participants landed on Tsurumi Genshin Island but were escorted out at some point by fog.

Tsurumi Island is one of the islands in the Inazuma islands. It is an area in which a tribe has disappeared. There are nearly three tribes who have created the Island their home now. Players must take in the World Quest Series Through the Mists after they have completed all of the Series Serial Storm Chasers. Following this, the fog will dissipate. The fog will disappear according to the conditions of the game. If the fog does not get removed, the player will be thrown to his/her feet. Tsurumi island’s Statute of The Seven

How do I get to Tsurumi Genshin Island ?

The Island is located in the southernmost portion of Inazuma. When you complete “Through the Mists the world quest’, the player begins a journey toward the Islands. The player would be talking to Kathryne Inazuma city, and Sumida. Then the player moves onto an Kama in Roitu and be transported towards Tsurumi city.

The players will be transported from Tsurumi Island. The mist has to be removed. In order to do this, the players must follow an area with enough lighting and less. The mist can cause them to lose their way and teleport them back to the waypoint when they wander.

Expectations from New Island

The characters in Tsurumi Genshin will explore the island that is filled with hundreds of new adventures , as well as a myriad of undiscovered tasks. The journey to Tsurumi Genshin Islands is an exciting adventure that is illustrated in the above image. The player will need to interact with a lot of characters along her journey toward Tsurumi Island.

Escape of fog or navigating in the fog, stopping it from touching the person who is using it is the most difficult issue one will have to tackle.


After completing their quest to find the World in the mists, players are delighted to arrive on the island. The journey isn’t easy and requires one to speak to individuals, find the right place, and then shield yourself from fog. There are many exciting opportunities on the Island that the participants will find out after arriving at the island.