Are you familiar with the vocalist who is the lead singer of the Death Metal Band? Trevor Strnad was the lead vocalist of the metal band and the official social media site announced his death on Wednesday.

It’s sad to announce the demotion by Trevor Strnad, the post declares. However, the reason for his death is not stated in the post. Following the announcement was announced, fans from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom started looking for more information. Because the cause of death is not stated, many fans looked on the internet for the cause of Death..

What Was the Death Cause?

Band’s Instagram page posted the following statement on Wednesday. It stated that the lead singer of the group passed away at the age of 41. However, the band’s members haven’t revealed the reason for his death in their posts. It is therefore not known what caused the man’s death.

In the final paragraph of the article, the survivors share the telephone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Since the phone number was mentioned the fans were convinced that the singer committed suicide. The speculation was that he had was a suicide victim because of depression. There isn’t any definitive proof as of now.

Is Trevor Strnad Suicide News True or Fake?

The group’s official Instagram account announced resignation of their vocalist in charge, Trevor Strnad. The post reads “It is saddening to announce the dismissal of Trevor Strnad.” “He was a good brother, son, and Shepard of Good Times.”

The social media post hasn’t verified the reason for the death. The remaining members of the family identified the telephone numbers of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at the close of the post.

Because the number was shared within the tweet, a lot of people were concerned the possibility that Trevor Scott Stnad took his own life due to mental illness. It is believed that he suffered from depression, which is why that he took his own life. However, there is no evidence to back the claims, and therefore it is impossible to verify this claim at present.

Reactions to the Death News

Following the announcement on Wednesday last week, a lot of fans and members of the band took to on social media to share their sadness and to pay an obituary to the soul who passed away. The band members were shocked to learn that their vocalist of the band died at the age of just 24 years old. This the Trevor Strnad Black Dahlia singer’s death announcement was a shock to the majority of his followers.

Many of the band members and fans claimed it was a devastating loss as they also lost another jewel in the world of music. One fan noted that the band’s final album came out in the month of April of last year.

The friend of the band closed the conversation by saying that he was excellent person to write, hug, and singer and the greatest singer and entertainer.


The official site of the band revealed that lead singer, John Lennon, had died at the age of 41. The news was a shock to the band members and supporters.