Stock market trading can prove to be a tremendous profitable career when you are backed up with good research and enthusiastic about learning more. Often traders need additional help for their research. This help comes from the technologically boon share market app. In this era of digitalization, a stock market app is backed with features which let your profits soar ever higher. 

Today, you do not have to set your foot out of your comfortable home to trade in the stock market. You can do it anywhere, and anytime and stock market apps make sure you get the appropriate data backed by extensive research. Everything can now be done on your smartphone or tablet, from tracking your portfolio to checking the real-time streaming market price, setting up a virtual portfolio, drawing stock charts, following market trends, and making virtual portfolios.

In this article, we will walk you through the top 5 share market apps for Indian traders that will better your chances of making wealth in the stock markets. 

  1. Upstox PRO Trading App

Upstox PRO trading app is a popular discount broker app funded by marquee investors like Tiger Global Management and Ratan Tata. The app provides investment and trading opportunities in stocks, commodities, currency, and mutual funds with advanced tool options like charts IQ libraries and trading view.

Why we picked it?

  • Allows users to invest and trade in derivatives, equities, currency futures and options, and commodity options and futures.
  • Also allows investment in IPO, gold, and mutual funds.
  • Offers a ton of features like the advanced charts, live stock quotes, and market watch.
  • Under the TFC feature, users can trade directly from charts.
  • One of the best technical analysis app with over 100 technical indicators
  • On intraday trading, it offers up to 5X leverage. 
  1. StockEdge

StockEdge is best suited for both novices as well as expert traders and investors owing to its robust technology platform and sophisticated user interface. Its free blog and video contents upscale your market learning making you an independent trader. Focused entirely on research and analytics, its advanced tool options like the Edge Reports and Scans are recommended for seasoned and advanced traders. 

Why we picked it?

  • India’s top stock screening app allows investors and traders to study stocks with myriad scan options minutely.
  • The Mutual Funds section allow users to get complete information of all the listed and upcoming mutual fund schemes.
  • The Edge Reports, prepared by country’s best market analyst team, provide statistical and descriptive data to make you an independent research analyst.
  • Allows users to easily customize their Scans list, Mutual Fund Watchlists, to name a few.
  • Allows investors to track what the Market Giants are doing in the My Investor Groups section.
  • A solid historical data visualization of FII/FPI & DII cash and derivatives daily, monthly, and year-to-date.
  1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha has over 9 million active users which contributes to India’s 15% of Indian Retail Trading Volume. Currently, the app is offering Market Watch, Advance Charting with multiple indicators, Good Till Triggered (GTT) order, among other features. 

Why we picked it?

  • Quick streaming of advanced charts and market data.
  • Provides detailed analytics on each day’s trades and overall portfolio.
  • It provides a clear understanding of brokerage and STT charges through the ‘View Breakdown’ feature.
  • On intraday trading, it offers up to 20X leverage. 
  • You can make a Demat-Trading-Bank account with IDFC First Bank
  • With no commission charges, it allows users to directly invest in mutual funds.
  • Investors and traders of all classes, including passive, active and algorithmic traders, can benefit from this app.
  1. Groww

Top broker choice by beginners, Groww has an easy and clean user interface. Groww features a wide range of features including line and candlestick charts for charting price fluctuations, one-click buying and selling, and free content for beginners on investing in stocks. Beginners in the stock market consider it to be a great stock chart analysis app

Why we picked it?

  • It offers investment opportunities in fixed deposits, mutual funds, IPO, derivatives, equities, and stocks.
  • Option of investment in mutual funds for free.
  • Other prominent features include comparison of MFs, portfolio insight, and SIP investments.
  • There is only a flat brokerage fee of INR 20 per order for trading in stocks and derivatives.
  • Direct mutual funds can be switched from other regular mutual funds without paying a fee on the Groww app.
  1. ShareKhan

A number of innovative features are available on ShareKhan, including advanced search options, in-depth chart analysis, and a single page that displays options contracts as well as other aspects of real-time trading. Best suited for experienced traders and investors. 

Why we picked it?

  • It offers demat account services to both Indian residents and non-Indian residents. 
  • You can view live stock prices, access unlimited charts, use advanced chart features, single trading screen, and access shortcut keys.
  • Also provides a variety of product offerings like pattern finder, dian-n-trade, exchange margin funding, and TradeTiger.
  • You can even quickly transfer funds online activated with 12 banks.
  • Users can lucidly save their graph template and defined screen.
  • Detailed research analysis for mutual fund investor, trader, and investor. 


With stock market trading apps, you equip yourself with real-time price alerts, live market feeds, detailed research reports, among other prominent features. The above-mentioned share market apps are all-time winners to make your trading successful in the Indian stock market.