Everyone’s sexual interests are different. How we enjoy sex is different and based on many factors. But sometimes, it is hard to articulate what you enjoy, especially as a woman. 

Therefore, women need enough experience experimenting with other techniques to discover important elements of what they like and don’t. To learn a wide variety of tips to pleasure yourself as a woman, masturbation techniques are ways to help you figure out. 

Enjoying a little one-on-one time with you and your body can go a long way to enhance your pleasure as a woman. Here are some tips and tricks for your pleasure.  

Never Underestimate The Power Of Foreplay

Foreplay could mean different things to different people, but all have the same purpose —setting the mood. One of the ways to please yourself is to focus less on penetration. When sex or masturbation is focused on orgasm or penetration takes away from the pleasure. 

You can start by massaging your hand or wearing your clothing with textures you like, applying lotion, and noting how different parts of your skin feel. 

This is less intimidating and can welcome more expansion to find that comfort in touching yourself.

Using Female Sex Toys Is Fun

Of course, you may get off fine without a toy or not know how to start with one. If you are okay using your fingers, then get on with it. However, many people enjoy using female sex toys alone or with a partner. 

Female sex toys will offer an overall sexual function that includes increased arousal and frequent and multiple orgasms. Are you scared of being addicted to sex toys or that they may replace your partner? 

There is no cause for anxiety. Female sex toys will only give you the stimulation that will lead you to experience an orgasm, that’s all. So, go out there and get yourself one! 

Apply Some Lube

The body self-lubricates when you are aroused. This makes masturbation and sex a much smoother and more pleasurable experience. 

However, sometimes, self-lubrication may not be enough, or it may not even happen. This is why you need to apply lube to your hand to increase your pleasure. It is easier to explore with your hand, reduces friction in the clitoris, and enhances clitoral stimulation. 

If you are using female sex toys, apply lube to them, especially water-based ones. Silicone-based lube can break down silicone sex toys. 

Free your mind. Let it wander.

One of the reasons people miss the fun part of sex or masturbation is that they focus more on reaching orgasm. Letting go of that thought will pave the way to discovering new pleasurable terrain. 

It will also increase your erotic intelligence. Now, free your mind and let it wander around. Did you meet a handsome-looking man last week? Is there anything you like about his physique? 

Think about him. Lose your mind from the shackles of orgasm if you must. Let it wander and fantasize about people that send tingles down your spine. 

You may also not want to use your imagination; you can turn up the heat by watching porn or reading erotic books. While doing that, you can explore around your clit to tune in to the sensation.

Explore New Sex Position 

Sex positions can be a determinant of pleasure at times. According to a sex educator, Meka Nicole, “different positions bring different sensations and can create a more intense orgasm.” 

Having an extra fun time in bed with your partner or solo can be because of the different sex positions you are experimenting with. Just as making love to someone is adventurous, so is making love to yourself. 

Reaching orgasm can be difficult if you are not in the right position. It is uncommon to reach orgasm by just penetration. Many people experience orgasms by trying different positions to derive different sensations. This applies to both masturbation and sex. 

As a female, self-pleasure is a fun and safe way to explore your desires. There is no shame in exploring your desires and learning what turns you on. Asides from that, there are many health benefits to self-pleasure. It will also make you feel confident about your body. 

Are you new to self-pleasure? That’s okay! There are no rules to it. There’s no right or wrong to masturbating. There are many female sex toys to assist you in the stimulation that will lead to orgasm. Do whatever makes you feel good.