The Thrum Wordle article contains today’s Quordle Answers 149. For more information on Quordle gameplay and the game, please read the full article.

Hello Quordle players! Today’s puzzle is now complete. Are you having trouble solving today’s Quordle 49? You don’t have to worry if you can’t solve today’s Quordle 149. We are here to help. The complete article will provide the answers.

Quordle, which is a clone version of Wordle has recently gained popularity because of its difficulty level. The game enjoys a large following in the United Kingdom , India , Australia. Let’s break down the words with the Trum Wordle article.

Quordle 149 Answers

Today’s puzzle answers are easy to solve using words. The player must find four words in just nine attempts.

Here are the Quordle Answers 149 CHASE, CROWD AND THRUM

  • The first word stands for “CONCH”, which refers to a typical large spiral-shaped shell.
  • The second word “CHASE” means to run behind someone in order to catch them or make them get caught.
  • Meaning of the 3rd word, “CROWD,” a unorganized mass of people.
  • The fourth word’s meaning is “THRUM”, an unintelligible humming sound. It is used to create crossword puzzles like Thrum Game.

Let’s give you a quick overview of Quordle, and how to play it if you are new to this game.

Quordle game

As mentioned earlier, this game is one the clones for the Wordle game. It’s an online game. Wordle game has many other clones including Dordle, Heardle, and so forth. Quordle’s creator has taken the game design from Dordle.

Dordle consists of two five letter words that are played using one keyboard. The creator of Dordle is Freddie Meyer. The game was created by Freddie Meyer.

Quordle – How to Play

There are certain rules for every game. Let’s take a look at Quordle’s rules and have fun playing.

  • The player must correctly guess five letters, four words in nine attempts.
  • You only need one keyboard to solve the puzzle.
  • The right guess can change the color of the tiles to green.
  • The guess is correct but not right; the tile color changes to yellow.
  • If you make a mistake, the tile will turn grey.
  • Each midnight, the puzzle is released by the game.

Quordle 49’s spinoff Thum Wordle.

Quordle is one of the many games that are available online. Let us now introduce you the New York Times-published game.

  • Spelling Bee To win, players have to crack the five-letter words from the puzzle. There are six chances for players to solve the puzzle. It is laid out in a hexagonal design. The Spelling Bee game requires players to only guess one correct word.


This article will provide the answers to Quordle number 149 today. The article also includes details about Quordle, its gameplay and the answers to it. More information

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