This article contains Skkn by Kim Reviews regarding a website that offers skin care products.

You want to see the real Skkn from Kim? You’re most welcome to this review session.

People want to be beautiful so they can gain popularity on social networks. Kim Kardashian is a worldwide influencer and celebrity. The Kardasians have a large following online for their beauty. She is also a popular figure in the United States.

Kim’s online site, which sells skin-care products, will also be featured in this blog post. If you want flawless skin, then you should check these SKKn by Kim Reviews.

Kim gives more details about Skkn

Skkn. Kim is an United States celebrity who started the online shop. The website boasts a nine product ritual that is certified by world-famous, renowned dermatologists. These products are made from natural and high-quality ingredients. You can also find four categories on the website’s dashboard: skincare, complete collections, refills, or subscription. Additional discounts are available on selected products, and buyers will receive two samples for every product they purchase.

The website’s look is very attractive and includes detailed descriptions. So, what do YOU think? Skkn by Kim Legit Or Not.

Specifications from Skkn by Kim

  • Domain creation date- 04/02/2021
  • Customer care email address- [email protected]
  • Payment method: Shop pay, paypal, or Gpay
  • Website URL-
  • Products- Skincare products
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping to the US for orders greater than $100
  • Order Return Policy – We don’t know of any order policy
  • Refund policy – Not applicable
  • Transportation period- 4-21 business days
  • Social media links – Facebook. Instagram. Youtube. Twitter.
  • Newsletter
  • Physical address: 350 5th Avenue. 19th Floor. New York, NY
  • Phone number: 10118-0110

It is vital to review these Sckn by Kim Reviews before you give your verdict. This will help you determine the site’s true intentions.

Skkn’s Features by Kim

  • The website uses HTTPS protected URL.
  • Customers will get specials like free shipping and samples
  • All contact information for the site is public.
  • The entire interface of the website is well designed.
  • The website also has active social media connections.
  • All of the products mentioned are tested and certified by respected dermatologists.

Skkn shortcomings by Kim

  • Website does not allow customers to leave comments.
  • Policies are not correctly mentioned

Kim Legit ?

Since many websites that use derivative interfaces or steal data from legitimate portals to scam people, this section will explain the true intent of the website. Shoppers are advised to do extensive research in order to avoid any potential scams. Many fraud websites are available online and it is nearly impossible to identify legit from fake. No worries though, as experts have listed all of the legit facts.

  • Customer feedback – The site has received mixed ratings and Skkn from Kim Reviews by shoppers on social networks.
  • Trust index rank: The site is now considered safe and secure after it achieved a trust rank of 100%.
  • Domain creation date- This domain was registered on 04/02/2021.
  • Social media icons: The site provides direct links on the footer page that will take you to the appropriate site.
  • Trust index score: The site has a score of 27%, which is a terrible score.
  • Validity of address- We don’t know the validity site’s postal code.
  • Domain termination date – The site’s domain registration ends on 04/02/2031.

Customer SKKn by Kim Reviews

Before we add any products to our shopping cart, I checked several sources to make sure that they were honest. Many websites claim to offer high-quality merchandise but end up selling fake goods. Additionally, the website has been rated 2.5 stars by social media users. Some people are extremely impressed with it, while others are somewhat disappointed. Learn how to get a full refund via paypal for product quality issues.

Final verdict

Kim Kardashian is a well known personality. Everyone wants to be like her skin. You should do extensive research on this site. We have obtained mixed reviews from the official website. So, its authenticity is still questionable. Please read the following to claim your funds back using a creditcard

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