effectiveness of a website
effectiveness of a website

A company’s website is essential. According to Akincilar & Dagdeviren (2014), it not only generates revenue and attracts customers, but also enables product and service advertising. Every website is unique in terms of its target audience, the images and information it offers, and the style. So, what should be taken into account while determining one’s effectiveness? This article from Prism Digital, an eCommerce web designing company will present you with five useful considerations.

Is the website simple to navigate?

Measuring usability, according to Qu, Guo, and Duffy (2017), is evaluating how well a website can assist a consumer in accomplishing their goals. Some of the primary performance indicators in a usability test, according to Ellis et al (1998, referenced in Gu, Guo, and Duffy, 2017), include task success rate, task completion length, and eye movement tracking. It’s crucial to ensure that customers don’t waste too much time looking for what they’re searching for. The following are some important points mentioned by Prism web design and development in Dubai:

  • Loading time– Is there anything on the website that takes a long time to load, such as a link or an image? This is critical in order to keep visitors on the site. If they have to wait, some consumers may click off.
  • Automatic navigation tabs– When you scroll your mouse over the navigation tabs, do the headers appear automatically? When you move your mouse over the ‘about us’ item on the Prism Marketing LLC website, for example, no more subheadings appear. Without needing to click a different link on the L’Oreal website, a list of makeup appears. It may be easier to navigate as a result, making it a more effective website.
  • Is it simple to locate the information you require? A well-designed website by web design agencies in Dubai would allow users to quickly find the information they require.

Is the website’s goal accomplished?

  • Well-defined target audience– Is this something you can simply figure out? Adults, teenagers, women, and men, for example?
  • The goal is clearly recognizable- Is the goal to convince, educate, or inform? The fact that both of these points may be found indicates that the company and web designing companies in UAE have thoroughly considered their clients’ demands when developing their site.
  • Is it possible to satisfy the customers’ wishes and needs?

Is the layout of the website appealing?

In order to be effective, the website must not have an unappealing appearance. An awful design by a web design company in Dubai may even force the customer to abandon the website. The following elements demonstrate what has to be addressed while auditing if the appearance has been taken into account.

  • Text that is simple to read – People won’t be able to find what they need if they can’t read the content!
  • Is the website attractive to the eye?
  • Is there a lot of useless content on the website?
  • Is the most crucial information readily accessible? For this, Hernandez & Resnick (2013) is a good resource. It can determine whether you missed any stuff by tracking your eye movements. As a result, it can be seen how well it’s put.

Is the website trustworthy?

When evaluating website effectiveness, Olsina et al. (1999, quoted in Bauer & Scharl, 2000) present a valuable set of criteria to consider. Reliability is one of these things. This is critical because customers may not be able to achieve their goal of visiting the website if certain components of the website do not perform properly.

  • Are there any links that aren’t working, that aren’t genuine, or that haven’t been implemented?
  • Are there any search errors when looking for information?
  • Is there a difference in how the website looks when you use different web browsers? When going between Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers, are there any functions that are missing?

Is the information on the webpage current?

  • Date of creation that can be traced- When did the data get written?
  • Updates on a regular basis- This is critical since seeing a wonderful piece of apparel just to learn it is out of stock is not what you want to see.


These five factors will be useful in determining a website’s success. ‘Serve’ from Chaffey’s 5S’s can be used to put this into context through an academic model. This can be used to see if the website has improved the client experience and thus added value (Smith & Chaffey, 2002). This would demonstrate the company’s willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of its customers. Reduced loading times, customer service, and downloadable software are just a few examples (Epellé, 2016; Prideaux, 2017). Thus, perhaps, these considerations will assist you in determining whether or not the company has developed a successful website!

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