When YouTube began, it seemed like a fun place to post fun and entertaining videos. Today, being a YouTuber is one of the most sought out professions in the world. 

It seems so simple to shoot, edit, and upload a few videos. However, there’s no chance of succeeding on YouTube without gaining an audience and holding their attention. And while it’s not an easy task to undertake, one way to build an audience fast is to have a video that goes viral.

This isn’t easy, but it’s doable. Here is your guide on how to go viral on YouTube.

Have A Marketing Plan

If your idea of a Youtubing career involves shooting a bunch of random videos for fun with no strategic planning, you are in trouble. You have no chance at making a viral video, let alone having a successful YouTubing career, without some sort of marketing.

Having success on YouTube means building an audience. So it goes without saying you need to have some sort of plan for how to get YouTube followers. That means you need to know what type of audience you want to reach and have some sort of appealing niche delivered in a style that will attract them.

This is all basic marketing, and you won’t succeed in any industry without it. That includes the YouTubing industry.`

Create Compelling Content

The best YouTube videos that appeal to the audience have something that compels the audience. The videos tell a story and are created with a purpose.

Your video story doesn’t have to be a feature film. If you are marketing a product or service, tell a story of how that service solves a problem. If you are a channel for a restaurant, tell the origin story of the restaurant’s founding.

Compelling content is what builds audience interest and keeps viewers wanting more. Creating that content is an important step in learning how to make a video go viral on Youtube.

Edit Your Videos Professionally

Once upon a time, a video shot on a low-quality camera or a flip phone may have had a chance at going viral. But those days are long gone. Your video needs to look like it was shot professionally with serious effort.

Adobe Premiere is excellent for uploading, clipping, and merging your clips together into a full-length video. You can also use Adobe’s video crop app to remove any distractions that may have gotten into the shot.

Your videos don’t need to look like cinematic masterpieces, but a little professionalism goes a long way in helping your content go viral.

How To Go Viral On YouTube

There you have it. A few tips on how to go viral on YouTube. With a marketing plan, compelling content, and professional editing, you can really appeal to your target audience and reach a wider demographic than you expected.

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