Are you looking for Tampa Pro 2022 results and results? How many competition winners have been announced? How many competitions can you find in this championship. These are some questions that readers of this article might be interested in.

Tampa Pro 2022 is an international bodybuilding competition that will be hyped in the United Kingdom , Canada, Australia and Germany as well as the United States. This article Tampa Pro Bodybuilding2022 will provide you with the answers.

More information about Bodybuilding Tampa Pro 2222:

Tampa Pro is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to compete in championships or other contests. It is one of most well-known and loved shows in the bodybuilding world. From 4th August through 6th August, 2022 Tampa Pro was held at the Grant Hyatt Hotel located in Florida.

In case you’re wondering about the winners’ list, it is extensive and long. Ten divisions are included that lead to the 2022 Olympia qualification.

Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 202 : Winners Lists for Different Levels:

We have already said that this show was held between 4 and 6 August 2022. Tim Gardner was the organizer. The following are some of the different pro fields available for the same:

  • Men’s Physique,
  • Classic Physique,
  • 212 Bodybuilding,
  • Men’s Open,
  • Bikini,
  • Wellness,
  • Figure,
  • Fitness and many more

All of the winners will be invited by Mr. Olympia to compete in the competition. It will be held in December. The qualification entries and the period for the show began on 13 September 2021, and ended on 20 November 2022.

Tampa Pro 2022 Winners List:

We have now all the information for Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022competition. Now let’s look at the list of winners so we can know who qualifies for Mr. Olympia. These are the winners of the same competition.

  • Keone Pearson – 212 Bodybuilding
  • Akim Williams- Men’s Open
  • Chelsea Dion – Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Aimee Velasquez – Bikini
  • Aurika Tygale-Fitness
  • Diana Laura Verduzco- Wellness
  • Courage Opara- Classic Physique
  • Jeannie Feldman- Women’s Physique
  • Jessica Reyes Padilla- Figure

These are the names for the first winners of the competition. All are eligible to compete in the Olympia championship. Check out the next headers to learn more information about Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022.

Who’s the owner of Tampa Bodybuilding,

We have all the necessary information. Let’s now get to know the owner. Tim Gardener, the owner of this championship which was launched in 2008, is Tim.

Final Verdict:

After examining all details and revealing names of winners, we can confirm that there were different fields in the bodybuilding championship held from 4th to 6th August.