Stephen Breyer is well-known. Is the Associate Justice in the United States in the news lately. Here is the information that the associate justice has given to the court. His term ends in October 2022.

Stephen Breyer has become a topic of interest worldwide, and in Canada. Many people are eager to find out all the details about him. In this article, we provide information about Stephen Breyer Wiki, as well as related information.

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Stephen Breyer is who?

Stephen Breyer’s article will undoubtedly be an eye-opener for all who are still curious and are not aware of his existence. He is an American jurist and lawyer. Since 1994, he was an associate justice on the US Supreme Court.

He was born to Irving Gerald Breyer, and Anne A. on 15 August 1938. Charles R Breyer (his younger brother) is also his federal district judge.

We will discuss Stephen Breyer Wikipedia. Also, read the story of his journey to become the associate justice for the supreme US Court.

More Details About Stephen Breyer

  • He graduated in 1959 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art.
  • Later, he attended Harvard Law School and was a Harvard Law Review member.
  • Breyer also served eight years in US Army Reserve. This included six months of active service as part of Army Strategic Intelligence.
  • He was ranked as a corporal and was honorably discharged from service in 1965.
  • Joanna Freda Hare (a British aristocrat) is his spouse. They are a psychologist and Joanna Freda Hare.

Stephen Breyer Wiki

Stephen Breyer serves as associate justice of Supreme Court since 1994. His recent appearance in the media has attracted curiosity from citizens who want to learn more about him and his work. Therefore, we decided that it was worth investigating why he has been in the news.

Our research revealed that Stephen Breyer announced his retirement 26 January 2022. According to NBC News’ reports, he is ready to retire from the court following the expiration of his term in Oct 2022.

More about Stephen Breyer Wiki. Bill Clinton appointed him to the vacant seat that Harry Blackmun had left.

Final Conclusion

Breyer won an 87-9 majority vote to be confirmed for the seat. On 03/08/1994, he was elected associate justice of SC. Aside from that, President Jimmy Carter appointed him in 1980 for the US court-of-appels. This is responsible for the management of the 1st Circuit.

We hope you find this article useful in learning more about Stephen Breyer, and why he’s so prominent. Want to learn more Stephen Breyer Wiki