Did you know there was a stabbing incident at Dandenong in Australia. There were 78.554 more Victorian offenders in 2020-21 than there were in 2019-20. This is a 6 percent increase. The overall rate of offenders increased to 1,343 per 100,000 people. Because the victim and the offender were both very young, the stabbing incident caused concern. The victim was only 18 years old. Let’s look at the Stabbing Dandenongincident timeline and more details.

Dandenong stabbing incident:

It happened at Melbourne’s Dandenong Plaza shopping centre. It is also listed in the top ten Victoria shopping centers. It happened on the afternoon 4th August 2022.

Three grown-ups were arrested by the police as they were connected to the incident. The three suspects were all Dandenong residents. One 16-year-old grown-up was arrested for stabbing. Two other grown-ups, one of 14 and one of 16 years, were released to await further inquiries.

The health of Dandenong victim.

The victim was an 18 year old man. The victim sustained life-threatening injuries. He is currently being treated at the hospital. The victim’s identity and the identities of the offenders were not released. 9news reports that the victim is still in critical condition at the hospital.

Pictures of the crime spot revealed that police sealed off areas of the shopping center where a water bottle and a few clothes were found. There were bloodstains and shopping carts at the crime spot.

It was reported that the stabbing Dandenong victim had a loud discussion with the three offenders at 4:00 pm at the supermarket near McCrae Street. The exact circumstances and cause of the argument are not known.

Police are still investigating the incident. After interrogating three adults, the victim aged 16 was arrested and charged.

This incident is concerning because the victims, as well as others, were younger than 19 years. The abs.gov.au statistics clearly show that crime is on the rise. Around 17,351 offenders were involved with acts intended to cause injury and 19,692 were reported for miscellaneous offenses.

Stabbing Dandenongis an awakening as approximately 2,102 male offenders were reported for every 100K males and 606 female offenders were reported for every 100K females. The majority of female offenders were charged for miscellaneous offenses. In 2019-20, 8% of all Victoria proceedings were involving offenders aged between 10 and 17 years.


The offenders were between 14 and 16 years old. This is an extremely shocking stabbing incident. This is shocking due to the fact that an argument has resulted in life-threatening injuries. The victim’s health, as well as information about the investigation and the identity of Stabbing Dandenongoffenders are still to be determined.