Dogs are the most lovely and friendly creatures in the world. One will never find as loyal and devoted a pet as a dog. That is why it is said that dogs are man’s best friend. It is our duty to give our infinite love to our dogs as they do. Nothing will prove your love towards you dog than a 2 story indoor dog house. In the following article you are to be presented several dog house plans and designs that can be built on your own.

We will present to you how to make a frame dog house, wooden dog house, insulated dog house and basic dog house We will present to you how to make a frame dog house, wooden dog house, insulated dog house and basic dog house with some materials you have at your hand for sure. Only a few pieces of wood, nails or blueprints might be needed to buy. Those houses will keep your lovely pet warm and cosy owing to its ventilation. You can also check out dog runs for sale in Ireland.

With some instructions it is possible to build the 2 story indoor dog house from plywood. The size of the house can be modified based on your dog size. also be sure to make adjustments for the enrance to ensure you have right pet door size. Thus, if you have the building skills do not hesitate to start the dog house free of charge. Your furry little friend needs it. So, there are 5 dog house plans listed below that might be helpful. For more information visit  diy outdoor dog house.

1.  The Simplest Dog House Plan

Our first suggestion is this simplistic and basic dog house. Basic carpentry knowledge and some skill will be enough to make this elegant dog house. You only need several materials which most probably are stored in your storeroom. To make the dog house you will need a few screws, some wood (plywood is also fine), nails and some paint. In spite of its simplicity this house will protect your furry friend from the cold.

2.   Modern DIY Outdoor Dog House

This dog house is outstanding with its bo9th modern and simplistic design. However, the best thing is that it has a door which you can close to keep your dog warm in frigid winters. The house is quite big, sheltering either one big dog or several small and even medium-sized dogs.

The only materials needed are nails, screws and a few pieces of wood depending on the size of your dog.

3.   Simple DIY Dog House

Another perfect dog house is this small DIY dog house designed for small dogs. This one is also easy to make and requires a few materials. It is a combination of wood and plywood thus making the house very warm and cosy. It is also worth mentioning that this is a mobile dog house. Hence it can be used as an indoor dog house or it can be easily carried around. Plus, this dog house also has a door with a locker.

We advise you to start constructing this house from frame. When the frame is ready, apply plywood to the walls using nails or screws.

4.   Cheap Dog House Than Can Be Built For Free

Not everyone can afford to build a luxurious and fantastic 2 story indoor Dog house instead you can build this small and cost-effective house. Building this house will almost cost nothing. Grab some pieces of wood or plywood, some nails, a hand saw, a hammer and start constructing.

You can even take the wood from an old door, table or cupboard which you no longer use. To make it beautiful you can also paint it. Also check our article about homemade dog house heater.

5.  A Basic Design Dog House

This is the easiest dog house one can imagine. Only some wood, nails, a cutting saw and a hammer is required. First you should make the roof. After that, build the floor and then the walls. Finally attach the roof on top with the help of nails.