James Bode Lyft driver, who refused to let a woman ride in his vehicle. What made him do it? Read the article to find out the truth and remain in contact to us.

In the beginning, we would like to ask our readers if you believe in racism? What will you do should someone make a comments that are racist regarding you? It is likely that you will feel angry or sad as nobody should ever support racist remarks. Today , we will talk about the incident that leaves you in a bind where only one question can be asked of you: Do we live within the twenty-first century?

The heartbreaking incident that we’ll be discussing took place at the United StatesJames Bode, a Lyft driver, was found guilty of doing something to one woman. What was he doing?

What was do the Lyft driver accomplish?

Recently, a viral video was posted on social media in which an Lyft driver identified as James Bode kicked a woman from his vehicle. Why did he do the same thing to her? You’ll be stunned when you learn what the woman told James Bode. When James Bode got into the car the woman inquired of James Bode if he was normal or not. She also inquired whether James Bode was a white person who could speak English. Following this conversation Bode, The Lyft Driver the owner of a racist bar was able to turn his back on the woman and instructed her to leave his vehicle. Bode also told her that it’s not appropriate to criticize someone. The woman smugly asked him, “Are you serious?” without guilt. The woman was with her companion. When the man tried to enter the vehicle, James Bode refused to accept them. The man used slang terms for an Lyft driver. He also threatened James with the words that he was going to strike James to the head. As he looked out the through the window, James said they should contact the police and inform them about the incident.

Was James Bode Lyft driver do the next time?

He made a formal complaint against the unprofessional couple with the police on charges of assault. He shared a post on Facebook telling people that if someone causes him to feel uncomfortable, he’ll be the same, particularly on his property or in his vehicle.

What was the identity of this woman and when did the incident occur?

Based on James Bode, the name of the woman was Jackie. The night of Friday, James took off to take Jackie and her companion from Fossil’s Final Stand located on Race Street in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania at about 10:37 p.m.

How did the YouTube video connected with the Lyft Owner of the Bar and Driver become viral?

The following day, Adam Parkhomenko, one of the strategists for politics, uploaded the clip to Twitter. The video was shared after which it became viral and received over 580,000 viewers. Lyft driver James Bode also posted the video on Facebook. Lyft driver James Bode also shared the video on Facebook.

It was shocking to see the way two human beings have slammed one another. Lyft driver. What is the sort of society are we living in, where anybody can make racist remarks? The act of passing racist remarks is considered a crime. There is no right to cause hurt to anyone’s feelings through making hateful comments.

Summing Up:

People are seeking the justice of James Bode Lyft driver. These kinds of incidents represent the worst crime that we have. We hope James Bode gets justice as quickly as is possible. Click here for detailed information on discrimination against minorities across the US and the world..

What can someone do when confronted with discrimination based on race? Share your thoughts with us.