Hair Loss Does Not Have to Be Permanent

Hair loss affects most men. Some men start to lose hair when relatively young, while others might have a gradually receding hairline that eventually leads to an increasing level of baldness.

Male pattern baldness affects most men with many seeing the effects during their 20s and getting worse during their 30s. By age 35, about two-thirds of men have at least some balding occurring. The percentage increases to 85 for men who are 50 years of age and older.

Fortunately, there are several ways to replace lost hair. The hair transplant experts are especially adept at helping balding men to regain a full head of hair. Even better, you can keep it well into your elderly years.

How Hair Transplants for Men Work

There are many ways to hide a balding head, with some being more practical than others. You might try a toupee that might blow off in the wind. Lots of places offer tonics or over-the-counter pills that claim to promote hair growth but often do not.

In the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved two types of medications for treating hair loss. One is an androgen-based oral medication that stimulates hormonal activity to promote natural hair growth. The other is a non-androgen medication that dilates the smaller blood vessels in your body to encourage hair growth in dormant hair follicles.

Some of Europe’s Best Hair Transplant Providers

Skandinavisk Hårinstitutt

Skandinavisk Hårinstitutt is among the most reputable and best-known source of hair transplants for men in Oslo. Other prominent European transplant providers also exist. They include:


Hairlust in Denmark is known for its topical solutions to encourage hair growth and replacement. Hairlust works best for those with milder cases of hair loss.

Istanbul Hair Clinic

Turkey is well-known for its hair transplant industry. The Instanbul Hair Clinic is among the best-known and provides patients with a variety of hair replacement treatments and services.

Birmingham Dermatology Clinic

The Birmingham Dermatology Clinic in Birmingham, UK, is a leading provider of hair restoration products and services in the UK. It offers a variety of services, including hair replacement surgery.  

Hair Transplants for Men Have Satisfying Results

Results are not always perfect, but hair transplant surgery has a high rate of success and a high satisfaction rate. A good hair transplant candidate has well-defined baldness or maybe lost hair due to scarring, cosmetic surgery, or a scalp injury.

Other good candidates might want to thicken or restore their beards, mustaches, or eyebrows. Those who have undergone prior hair transplants also tend to be good candidates for additional procedures.

Two Types of Hair Transplants for Men

There are two general types of hair transplant surgery available for you to consider. One is the follicular unit transplant (FUT) method, which removes a small strip of skin containing hair follicles from the back of your head. The back of the head is where most hair growth remains thick and supported late into life.

The thin strip of skin and follicles will fill very tiny holes in the bald area where the follicles can take root and grow new hair. The procedure takes several hours and leaves a thin scar at the donor spot.

The other option is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, which does not produce a horizontal scar as the FUT method does. Instead, the FUE method harvests hair follicles that are transplanted to bald spots to promote hair growth.

The FUE method also takes several hours to complete. Fortunately, the recovery time is much shorter than the recovery time for the FUT method.

Contact Skandinavisk Hårinstitutt to Learn About Hair Transplants for Men

You can learn more about the options to obtain a hair transplant for men at Skandinavisk Hårinstitutt. You can call, contact us online, or stop by the clinic in Oslo to talk with an experienced hair transplant specialist. You can drive right up to the clinic’s door and park in one of two designated parking spaces outside.