WinSpirit casino provides users with a wide range of gambling options, from video slots to live casinos. All players have their own preferences, which depend on their tastes. Previously, people could only play table games, including blackjack, baccarat, poker, dice, and roulette. With the advent of technology came the new formats that are now converted into an online format called video slots.

Pokies and their features

This format is ideal for those who like instant wins. The essence of the gameplay is to spin the reels, which eventually give out randomized combinations. Certain symbols form your winnings, and you get money into your account. Special Wild and Scatter symbols can also appear during the spin. These features can replace other standard items as well as increase your winnings. You can also enter the bonus round with a particular combination, giving you additional prizes.

During the gambling process, you choose the bet size, but you can also set the automatic mode, and the reels will spin themselves. It is best to bet small amounts to win more often in such formats. Pay attention to the player’s volatility and payout percentage, which should be at least 95%. The WinSpirit website offers the best slots from many famous providers. Among the advantages are bonus offers, which are most often designed for slot machines, unlike table games. 

Roulette strategy

The roulette is strictly for you if you feel you have good intuition. The game’s essence is a bet consisting of money, color, and number. The fate of your winnings is shaped by the dealer’s hand, which throws a particular ball on the spinning roulette. You win if the ball stops the roulette on your color and number. 

This format has existed for a long time and gives an atmosphere of excitement. The advantage is that you can play with other players and hold competitions. The structure of live casino games is reminiscent of the gambling classic and gives unforgettable emotions. Now there are many variations of roulette adapted to a particular country. Players can choose their favorite format and start testing their luck. Unlike video slots, you have a choice that directly affects your win. 

Which one is the better? 

The answer to this question is straightforward – nothing is better. These are games with entirely different formats. Each person has his own preferences and chooses the way of entertainment he likes. 

Video Slots

  • Bright design that attracts many people.
  • Lots of bonuses that focus on this type of entertainment.
  • Special symbols that make the game’s outcome unpredictable and add extra wins.
  • Thousands of variations, as many providers produce new products every day.
  • The ability to make minimal bets makes the game available to everyone.
  • Supported by all game platforms.


  • A unique game that has no alternatives.
  • Engaging format, which provides the opportunity to form your winnings.
  • Play with other players.
  • Helps test your intuition and luck.
  • Live casino mode offers the ability to play with real dealers.