Door mats will collect dust and dirt from our shoes. This will reduce the dirt entering our home and sticking on the floors. Make use of these door mats. Place door mats at every entrance, one inside the door and one outside the door, this will provide double protection. Door mats will do their job effectively if they are cleaned often. We have collected some tips for cleaning the mats efficiently.

Washing Machine

First, make sure your mat is washable. Then you can either machine wash it in your domestic washing machine or you can give it for cleaning using a commercial washing machine. Or else you can splash water using a hose and then dry the mats. Any of these methods can be used if the mat is made of a washable material.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

They can remove dry dust as well as wet spills. They save time and energy by removing both dry dust and wet spills together. But this is not used in most homes. But they are the best and easy way to clean door mats. So, we can either rent them or hire professional cleaners to help us.

Carpet Cleaner

The carpet cleaner will give a deep-down clean and extraction of dirt. But this equipment is also usually not found in homes. If you have them at your home, you can use them to clean your doormats. But, if you don’t have them then it will be better to hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Daily Vacuum

Daily vacuuming is enough to keep door mats clean if they are placed in areas with low or medium foot traffic. But for areas with heavy foot traffic, we will have to carry out deep cleaning routinely.

Wash With Damp Cloth or Mop

This method is best suited for rubber mats. During daily cleaning, simply mop over or damp wipe the mats. Also, you can hose them and hang them to dry.

Shake Out the Mat

This tip is for mats placed in areas with light foot traffic and is enough for their maintenance. Always take the mat farther away from your home before shaking it. After this, try to vacuum the mat for better cleaning. It will look fresher.

Detergent and Disinfect

Over time, the doormat will have collected a lot of dirt, dust, germs and bacteria. So, along with cleaning it, using a detergent to properly wash it and then disinfecting it will be a good move. 

We hope these tips will help you have clean door mats and a clean house. We also have another tip to add to this, to help you get a clean home. Introduce a no shoe policy inside your home. This will help you deal with the dirt that sticks onto the sole of the shoes and sandals. Clean mats will definitely give you a cleaner home. Keep this in mind and never neglect your doormats. Always keep some extra mats clean with you all the time. You can use these mats while the already used ones are undergoing cleaning.