The article will review the facts surrounding Slaves in the Twin Towers and also attempt to determine the present situation.

Are you aware of the latest controversy surrounding Twin Towers? The debate has risen from a myriad of historical facts and evidence. A large number of people from America United States want to be aware of this debate.

Recently, some bones have been discovered in The Twin Tower construction site. When they are discovered there is a desire to find out the truth about them. This article we’ll look into the issue of Slaves under Twin Towers.

What is the Issue?

About a decade ago, it was established as a fact that is indisputable. A team of archeological surveyors discovered a burial place. The burial was discovered and the debate has begun among the multitude of people. Some associate the burial to the race issue.

Based on the request by the public, they would like to get more details about the incident. Therefore, the federal government made a decision to conduct another study about the subject. It also uncovers the details and the social implications of American slavery’s history. In the book an account has been set up to study the subject.

Slaves Under the Twin Towers

The incident is transformed into historic elements of slavery. Research suggests that a lot of blacks believe that their ancestor’s roots are rooted in the idea of slavery in the United States.

When people learn about the controversy, the matter is often accompanied by emotional responsibility. According to local media , numerous city officials along with historians work to find the remains of the dead in the lower area of Manhattan city.

Recently, historians have located the burial site of six acres. The group that was searching also found 419 skeletons buried in the surface. This led to the debate.

Slaves Under Twin Towers – the Aftermath

There are many who claim that over 90% of the skeleton is of the black population. The structure belongs to African people who lived as slaves. The study also found that 40 percent of the skeleton’s bones are related to bones of children.

The average age of the poor children was less than 12. The concerned citizens also assert that over 20000 slaves individuals were buried in the dirt. Of them the 10 cents were belonging to members of the African Muslim community. Researchers are also looking for information about slaves under the Twin Towers.

The People’s Reaction

The situation and debate get more violent day by day. Recently, a taxi driver got assaulted for religious reasons. We can therefore be aware of the nature of the situation. Many people are eager to learn the truth.


Finally, we can saythat the debate is ablaze across the nation. Recently the group of black advocates head has explained how these people are confronted with the challenges. The slaves died of the cruel treatment they received. In addition, the discussion and points we’ve posted here are online sources.

Let’s look into the Slaves under Twin Towersdebate give a new theory or maybe not. Check out the link and collect the data to get more precise information. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you have a comment.