Whether you run a small business or an established enterprise, technology is indispensable for business success. Technology is valuable for business growth and development as it can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors and exercise greater control over business operations.  

However, it’s crucial to regularly assess and innovate your business processes to enhance business operations, increase business exposure and save a great deal of time. 

Six Ways Tech Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business

Technology can help you lower your expenses and earn greater revenue with a larger net profit. Here are six strategies to grow and scale your eCommerce business using technology.

1. Invest in Google smart shopping campaigns

Investing in Google shopping campaigns is smart for any retailer looking to enhance business visibility, increase profits, and increase advertisement ROI. It advertises your store’s online and in-store products, drives more customers to your online and physical stores, and locates highly qualified prospects for your business.  

Every day, Google receives 3.5 billion search queries from consumers worldwide. Furthermore, the growth of Google Shopping Ad campaigns in 2021 has far outpaced regular search ads. However, the Google Product Category is an essential part of every successful Google Shopping ad campaign. The key to outperforming your competition is mastering Google’s Taxonomy. Additionally, when you structure your products using google product taxonomy, customers can quickly locate their desired products with little effort resulting in greater satisfaction.

2. Use a third-party logistics provider

Collaborating with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is a simple tech strategy for growing an online store’s customer base. Third-party logistics, or 3PL, is when a separate business stores goods for retailers and fulfills client orders. Startups and emerging brands can often benefit greatly from this production method since it is both efficient and economical.

What’s more, all 3PL companies leverage technology to enhance their processes. In other words, when a client puts an order, you may integrate your order management software with theirs to ensure a smooth transaction on both ends.

3. Get yourself a warehouse management system

A warehouse management system is a must if you don’t want to hire a third-party logistics provider and want to handle your inventory yourself. Features like barcode technology and automated processes make it simple to monitor inventory levels at all times, from when a new item enters the warehouse until it is sold.

The complexity of this task depends on the size of your product catalog and the number of stores you need to manage. If you’re serious about the long-term success of your eCommerce venture, an investment in WMS is essential.

4. Invest in automated marketing processes

When it comes to leveraging technology to accelerate the development of your eCommerce company, it’s crucial to identify areas where it’s possible to automate operations to save time and cost. In this context, you can take the help of web experts like “Tada” that can easily integrate pop up games, gamification apps and email sign up pop ups for increasing your Shopify sales by two-three folds. The basic idea here is to engage your prospects or visitors into playing a game, win coupons, shop and return back as loyal customers, only in exchange for their email addresses. It is a kind of store conversion strategy.

However, to get the most of your digital marketing efforts, it’s recommended that you use dedicated programs to schedule your social network postings and content publication. Another great way is to have an eCommerce website designed that fully adheres to web accessibility guidelines, especially ADA & WCAG 2.1 standards. This is how you can think of getting more traffic, visitors & sales, as a lot of people with physical disabilities are able to browse through your website easily and buy products & services. In this respect, a web specialist like “Accessibility Spark” can play a major role in making your site fully compatible to the WCAG & ADA standards.

Your team can schedule automatic updates to your social media profiles in advance to save time and effort. This perfectly represents how introducing basic automation to your business processes can free up time for you to focus on other aspects of your e-commerce business.

5. Provide better payment options

Now more than ever, consumers want the most streamlined online shopping experiences. So, online stores need to be prepared to accept electronic wallet payments.

Applications like Alipay, Wise Google Wallet, PayPal, etc., can provide customers the Wallet functionality we need. Many shoppers increasingly lean toward this technology in the face of rising concerns about credit card theft and data privacy.

In most cases, all it takes to add these features to your online business is a few server-side adjustments of a Shopify or BigCommerce website. Nonetheless, it’s a prime example of how the Internet can help your eCommerce firm reach a bigger audience.

6. Multi-channel business approach

Embracing technology in eCommerce is not limited to improving the business’s financial and logistical aspects. Another way online retailers focusing on e-commerce can leverage technology to grow their operations is by adopting a multi-channel strategy.

Many inventory management software on the market today are designed to work perfectly with major online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, Bestbuy.com, and others. If you choose to sell via numerous channels, you are expanding your potential customer base to include individuals who are already familiar with and confident in the products sold by the large merchants.

Integrating software that makes this feasible relieves your team of the bulk of the effort and makes it much simpler to grow exponentially by using these channels more effectively. This strategy is a prime example of how technology can effectively raise your average order value and boost sales income for your online company.

Final thoughts

Technology is crucial for business success, especially in the domain of eCommerce. Your online business can expand in a variety of directions in the modern day by making use of various kinds of management systems and other technological advancements. By keeping an eye out for opportunities to incorporate technology into your processes, you can leverage technology to increase business exposure and ensure business success.