Few vacations are as extravagant, luxurious, and indulgent as a week on a yacht in an exotic destination. For those who value extraordinary experiences, yachting is ideal. Yachts are custom-built floating hotels that represent the pinnacle of boating craftsmanship, luxury, and creativity. 

Not all yachts are created equal, however. Some may find classic yachts more advantageous, while others will fall firmly in the superyacht camp. Which one are you? Learn more in this detailed guide to superyachts.

What Makes a Yacht “Super”?

The term “superyacht” is used for large and luxurious yachts.

So, what is a superyacht? Is there a minimum size or price tag that makes a yacht a superyacht? Are yachts with high-end amenities, like helicopter pads, swimming pools, or IMAX movie theaters, automatically called ‘super,” or is there more to it? 

“Superyacht” is a term used to describe large and luxurious yachts. 

While there is no official definition of a superyacht, most superyachts are at least 80 feet (24 meters) in length and can host six or more passengers and an ample crew. 

Let’s dive into the advantages of superyachts and who should purchase one.

The Benefits of Superyachts

One clear advantage superyachts have over standard yachts is their size and capacity (superyachts typically have a length of 80 feet or longer). If you’re planning to cruise with a large group of people, superyachts ensure the optimum level of comfort for everyone on board. 

Superyachts also come with a host of amenities you won’t always find on standard yachts. 

This can include (but certainly isn’t limited to):

  • Multiple pools and hot tubs
  • Extravagant gyms
  • Luxurious spas (complete with saunas, steam rooms, hammams, and more)
  • Private cinemas
  • Beach clubs
  • Helicopter deck
  • Private owner’s deck
  • Sports court

Superyachts are the gold standard in luxury yachting and are ideal for those who cherish exquisite attention to detail and want no expense spared.

Who Should Purchase a Superyacht?

Superyachts are the perfect fit for those looking for large staterooms, deluxe amenities, and superior craftsmanship. 

These yachts also represent the ultimate standard in safety, security, and utility. Their size and build make them sturdy in rough seas, which means you can feel comfortable navigating into open water. They can weather storms with ease.

For those looking to sail with a large group of friends or family, superyachts have more space to lounge, roam, and play than any other type of yacht on the market.

Is a Superyacht Right for You?

It’s fair to say that purchasing a superyacht will absolutely change your life. There is no other option that equals this degree of privacy and luxury on the open seas. If you’re ready for the ultimate in customizable, unique experiences, a superyacht may be right up your alley.