Pet Simulator X has become a very popular online game. Many gamers call it PSX. It is the third installment or repetition in the Pet Simulator Series. The gameplay involves collecting gems, coins, and unlocking exclusive pets.

The Silver Dragon is the most famous mythical pet and can be found in many gifts. You can unlock several special pets in the game. This new pet is attractive to both the United States players and the Philippines players.

However, we want to discuss the Silver Dragon Pet Sim X.

What does Silver Dragon mean in Pet Simulator X?

Silver Dragon, the in-game pet you can unlock in Pet Simulator X/PSX, is available. Silver Dragon is the mythical animal in the game and is available when you have enough Gold Coin.

The egg of many gifts and Christmas Tree Eggs can be used to hatch the dragon. Once you have reached level 15b, you can begin hatching your pet. The pet can also unlock at Rainbow Level 106b, and Golden Level 46b.

When Silver Dragon Sim SimX X Will Be Withdrawn

According to the official webpage, the pet will not be available for hatching until after the Christmas Event 2021. Silver Dragon can only be hatched from one of the three eggs. Santa Paws and Silver Stag are also exclusive pets.

Only 0.00963% of the pets will be hatched from eggs, while the chance of hatching from Christmas Tree Eggs is 0.000484%. The success rate of hatching the pet depends on how many players hatch Silver Dragon Pet Sim X.

What are Egg of Many Gifts and

Egg of Many Gifts, also known as the egg in the map, is located in the Christmas World section in the PSX version. It is known for hatching Silver Dragon. However, the egg must be hatched by players using 1.25M game resources.

If you hatch many eggs, you have the opportunity to hatch the silver Dragon in the game.

To obtain Silver Dragon Sim, first you need to hatch the egg of many gifts from the Christmas World in PSX Game.


Pet Simulator X enables players to unlock pets and raise them, as well as upgrade their pets with in-game resources. It’s easy to play and players love hatching various pets on the platform.

However, Silver Dragon SimX is the new pet that is catching players’ attention. This pet can only hatch from the egg of many Christmas World presents. If you’re interested, you must hatch it before the Christmas Event. It will be withdrawn once it has finished.