Investors are enthralled by the George Floyd-based NFT token in the United KingdomCanada and United States. NFT projects aims at selling various illustrations of Floyd the black man police killed in 2020.

NFT tokens based on Floyd’s ideas were launched on the OpenSea Platform on 7 Dec 2021. The NFT project was quickly turned into an opportunistic trolling venture shortly after its launch. The token sale caused controversy and heated debate among investors.

The FFT Floydies token is known by its nickname. It aims to make any profit.

What does Floydies NFT mean?

Floydies NFT is a new offensive non-fungible project that shares the images from George Floyd, who was killed by Police in 2020. This was also the catalyst for Black Live Matter.

The NFT project does not have any direct connection to George or any activist community. NFT token is part the trolling project, which was launched on 7 Dec via the OpenSea platform. Its goal is to make profit using all means.

On the OpenSea Page, the creator of the token stated that the token was a progressive and original way to honor Floyd’s remarkable life.

NFT Floydies – Where to Buy?

As we mentioned, NFT is a project that was launched on OpenSea Platform. NFT tokens will be available in an auction which ends soon.

OpenSea allows interested buyers to bid on these trolling tokens.

There are several NFT tokens of Floyd that can be auctioned with different images. You can view the images and make a bid to purchase the NFT. You should check for availability as it is only available for a very limited time.

How is George Floyd’s Photo Used in the NFT Token

George Floyd was responsible for the Black Lives Matter movement. To support the movement, a NFT token project was recently launched. It sells NFT tokens with different George Floyd illustrations.

OpenSea Page revealed that the NFT token project was launched by the creators to recognize Floyd’s monumental life. They added that NFTFloydies is an ideal way to stand for equality and express your beliefs.

We found out that the NFT token program has nothing whatsoever to do with Floyd’s family members or any activist group.

What are People Doing?

People are following the token via Twitter and commenting on multiple occasions. A discussion forum is being used to discuss the token. Some claim it is bad art, trying to make a profit out of a terrible event.


Now that you are familiar with NFT, you might be wondering if it is worth your time to invest. If you’re a veteran investor, make sure to check out the future of cryptocurrency prior to investing.