What joy must Serena Williams’ tennis teammates be to see her play in the championship match? Will she use her magic abilities to the fullest? Which part of the upcoming tournament round would be her most difficult? The eagerly awaited 2022 US Open is here. The United States and Canada Argentina are eagerly awaiting the upcoming tournament. It will take place in the next two-days. This article will give you the information about Serena Williams2022 ranking. This tennis tournament is very popular.

What’s Serena’s rank in 2022?

Two more days remain in Serena Williams’ solo career. Monday’s packed Arthur Ashe Stadium was a rousing success. It hosted 24,000 people. William did not disappoint the crowd as she beat Danka Kovinic (current ranking number 198 as at 2022). People are looking for William’s current ranking of number 407 as at 2022. Serena Williams’ joy did not stop with her victory over Danka Kovinic. With a commanding 6-3 service move, she takes the lead.

Serena Williams’ Current Ranking

US tennis 2022 is finally here and people are searching for Serena Williams’ current ranking. According to her current ranking in 2022 Serena Williams is ranked number. 407. Serena won Monday’s tournament and it brought a smile to many of her supporters. Her win was greeted with a standing ovation by the crowd. She improves to 99-3 in the first set at the US Open. Fans are eager to see her in round two, where she will face the world’s No. 2 Anett Kontaveit won the first round over Jaqueline Christians.

What is Serena Williams’ Ranking?

The winner or the loser determines the player’s ability to move on to her next move. Serena Williams didn’t lose this time so her ranking wasn’t countable, she showed a much better comeback. Danka Kovinic is currently ranked No. 198. She did her best and didn’t give up on her defense.

She did not make her fans unhappy. She performed at the Arthur Ashe Stadium when she won with her trademark twirl. The next competition will be harder. Fans are looking for Serena Williams2022 Ranking.


Her performance in Monday’s tournament is the highlight of her post. Danka Kovinic was ranked no 407 and she defeated her. William finds the next round difficult as she will be facing Anett kontaveit. As she announced her retirement before the match, her major return elicits curiosity from the crowd. What will her performance be in the next round?

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