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Do you enjoy playing video games? Do you like fighting games? Are you familiar with the Script Fighting program? Yes, that is script fighting. Roblox developed script fighting. It is an extremely popular simulator in United States. This simulator now comes with new codes.

This post Script Fighting Ultimate provides all of our readers with the most accurate information regarding the codes for this game.

Script Fighting game codes

Roblox created script fighting, a popular simulator that is growing in popularity. It’s a fighting game in which one must know the codes. The codes must be known by the player to defeat the opposing fighter or player. These codes will be revealed. Please read carefully.

  • Elevator code: 381395
  • Deepz code- 4206090
  • Weapon code- Map13
  • Boost up code hardmode

These are the codes that are so beloved by script fighting gamers.

Script Fighting Ultimate Codes

Roblox’s new simulator script fighting is becoming very popular. People love this game. It has been voted the number one most-played game. You will need to know the code of the game. The game’s codes are crucial. Codes are required to play the game. Players can use codes to fight, enhance their health, create weapons, or fight with other players. This game was updated two times and is still being considered new. The script Fighting Ultimate Codes was added to the game’s last update. It quickly became a favorite among players.

Play this game

The game has grown in popularity in the US. This game is loved by many. Many people have asked for the rules. You don’t have to be nervous if you are new at this game. You will be given instructions on how you can play this game. Please carefully read the following section.

We only wanted to inform those who are unfamiliar with this game that it’s a fighting game. But, fighting is more than just pressing the keys. Here is the Script Fighting. The weapon code most in demand today is the sword. You will need this code in order to use your weapon when fighting. You can also use the codes to fight with your hands or go with an elevator. You will need to go through all the codes one time to play this game.


In conclusion, this post has all the information you need about the script-fighting game. We did our best to make sure that our readers have all the information they need about this game. To learn more about the Script Fighting Game , please visit this link.

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