Taking a trip, whether a romantic weekend getaway, a standard summer family vacation, or a soul-searching solo trip spread over a year or two, is always a rewarding experience. 

When you think about your next travel opportunity, you should be full of excitement for what’s to come. 

Even though traveling is an amazing experience, it’s also one that’s full of risks and one where your personal safety should always be paramount. 

What are Some of the Biggest Risks to Travelers?

Risks can always vary depending on where in the world you’re traveling to and the type of trip you’re taking, but overall, the following are some of the biggest risks for any traveler to think about: 

  • Being pickpocketed 
  • Running out of money 
  • Losing your passport or having your passport stolen 
  • Personal safety risks
  • Being stranded without food or water
  • Becoming lost
  • Having your transport break down in the middle of nowhere

Staying Safe on Your Travels: Top Tips

  • Let Someone Back Home Know Every Step of Your Journey 

Solo traveling becomes riskier when you’re the only person who knows where you’re going and when. It’s a good idea to let someone know back home – such as a friend or family member – what your planned itinerary is and when they should expect to hear from you.

  • Think About a Lucky Token 

This is a great opportunity for something to remind you of your trip, as well as a great souvenir to keep. Having a token that makes you feel safer or reminds you of home during your travels alone is a fun idea. It’s something you can easily wear, such as a necklace, or even keep on your keyring. It’s even better if it’s something related to travel, and it’s a good idea to have protection, like a St Christopher’s medallion from ericawilson.com.

  • Keep Valuables Stored Safely 

An inside zip-up pocket if you can, such as inside a jacket, to best protect against pickpockets, but if you’re choosing a bag, make sure it’s one with a secure lock or zip and try to keep it on your side or in front of you instead of on your back in busy places.

Tips for Traveling as a Couple or Part of a Group

  • Plan a Clear Budget 

Running out of money when you’re in another country is much more easily done when you’re part of a group. Alone, you have complete control of what you do and what you’re spending, but with others, you may go overboard on the cocktails or forget to check your bank balance. 

Make sure to plan your money accordingly – including for unplanned extras – so you never have to worry about running out of money during your travels.

  • Always Keep in Touch if You’re Splitting Up 

This is more common for extremely large groups, such as friends at a bachelor party, but if you’re looking to split up at any point during your trip, make sure to always have a way to stay in touch and know when to meet back up. This will make sure that nobody gets lost or risks ending up wandering on their own in an unknown place!