Did you hear about the recent robbery at the store? Do you know the details of the whole incident? This article will help you to understand the entire incident. The robbers entered the store to steal all of it, but were injured. The United States made the video viral after the incident.

This article will provide all information about the robber clerk Stabs incident. For more information, please visit our blog.

Robbers at the store:

After the viral video of the incident, everyone knows about the recent robbery attempt to rob a store. According to reports, the robbers were juveniles and attempted to rob a Los Angeles smoke shop on August 3, 2022. The shop owner Jonny Nguyen questioned the robbers about their masks as soon as they entered. The robbers did not speak a word.

Jonny Nguyen the shop owner became scared and Store clerk Stabs Attacker with a Sharp Instrument. The shopkeeper was already holding a sharp tool to defend himself and Nguyen struck him with the sharp instrument as soon as the robber attempted to jump over the counter.

More details about the Robbery Incident:

The incident of robbery was very dramatic. Two robbers entered the store to rob it. They didn’t know that Nguyen, the shop proprietor, was holding a sharp object to defend himself.

After the Clerk Stabs, he started screaming that he had died and fell to the ground as he was repeatedly hit with the instrument. The other robber fled the store trying to protect his self, as soon as the first robber was hit.

Jonny Nguyen, the shopkeeper, called police officers and dispatched an ambulance. He also admitted that he knew that the robbers would have dangerous weapons and that he didn’t intend to strike the robber in self-defense. The robber tried to leap over the counter, but he was already at the point of hitting the shopkeeper.

Incident after Robber Clerk Stabs:

After Nguyen called them, the police arrived at the smoke shop at the intersection Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. The officers arrested the robbers, and said that the robber was still breathing after being struck by the sharp instrument.

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The incident of robbery was very dramatic. This article gives all the details.

This article contains all details regarding Robber Clerk Stank incident, as well as additional details and scenes following the robbery.