This is an entire insight into the main mother’s death cause such as cases like Pranaiya Oulapathorn The death of Pranaiya Oulapathorn.

Have you heard about suicides and other depression-related cases which resulted in the fight within the human body? Are you interested in knowing the cause behind some of the serious events? If yes, then continue reading below for more details.

Many people from United States, Indonesia and Canada have seen the cost of the test and the struggles with pranaiya. Even though she was suffering from depression, she was determined to achieve goals in her own life. Latest Street is below on the Rajak truth and the other motives that her husband has shared for Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s death..

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The latest information on Pranaiya Oulapathorn

Recent details of research and reports have revealed that Praniya is a mother-of-two who’s been suffering from postpartum depression. She had a baby boy who was named Author. The sole reason was postpartum depression that lasted for one year.

Her husband claims her to be a good mother who chose to focus on the best future for her son. Although there were some significant crashes, Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death describes her through various levels of panic attacks and anxiety. We will learn more details on the story told by her husband.

comments from her husband

His husband Hamish Magoffin claims she was a joyful mother who would take very good care of her children and with love. Following the birth then the tragedy emerged and took his wife’s life and his son.

The main reason was postpartum depression she was struggling with and was unable to help but count the positive qualities. His wife passed away and his baby in September 2021. This was after six months of the birth.

What year did Pranaiya Oulapathorn the death of Pranaiya Oulapathorn ?

Pranaiya was only 37 years old. young. She was experiencing a brand new moment of having a daughter in her home. Due to their experiences of depression during pregnancy the likelihood to take their own life and to kill their child grew within six months. The baby Arthur arrived in the month of March 2021. But, she passed away 1st September 2021 along together with her son.

What made her would want to die?

There was a worry that she wasn’t an exceptional mother at all times; regardless of what happened she was the best equipped to take on Arthur’s challenges. She also said that she wanted to part with her life to adopt.

What is the reason Pranaiya Oulapathorn death Popular?

Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s trial was a shock in the sense that she ended her daughter’s life due to suicide. At first she was a very happy mother. However, after six months, she began to experience depression and other illnesses during her first year of pregnancy. The story of suicide due to depression is the news.


In conclusion, as I watched the research of the maternal health alliance and the maternal health alliance noted that right after birth, in six months, she committed suicide. her own life as a child, and then committed ended her life due to depression that pregnancy brings.

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