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The underground element in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was updated and renamed as the Grand Underground, and players around the world would like to know more. We will then review the steps to the Pokemon Grand Underground.

About Grand Underground

The Grand Underground is a location that lies beneath the entire Sinnoh area of Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond in addition to Shining Pearl. It is accessible via the Exploration Kit, which can be found at Eterna City, may be used to get to The Grand Underground.

How do you access the Grand Underground?

The game of Eterna City, players can purchase an Explorer Kit. It is required to purchase the kit and learn how to use it before departing the town. The person who sells Exploration Kits Exploration Kit lives close to the Pokemon Center in the vicinity of his home.

Before learning more about how to discover treasures within the Pokemon Grand Underground Let’s find out more about creating secret spaces.

How do you create an unnoticed base?

When players have an Digger Drill then they are able to build a foundation on any wall within the Grand Underground. It is necessary to return to the old man in Eterna City once they have discovered any treasures in the initial time and he will give players the Digger Drill using which they can construct the foundation.

To create a vast tunnel that can be used to construct an initial foundation Click A on the wall. When players are done creating their base, they can decorate it with statues they’ve found.

How can you browse for treasure in the Pokemon Grand Underground to find treasures or statues?

On the map of the player there are several sparkling areas. As they get closer, they can press R for their radar to be activated. This can be used to determine the location of the treasure on the wall in front of them.

With Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players will be able discover treasure using the powerful hammer, or the pickaxe that is delicate, like the main game.

However, players must be cautious. If they dig too deep and the walls fall, they will be smashed. The treasure will be struck with a hammer, then the next time, gently dig it out using the pickaxe.

We now have learned how to locate treasures within Grand Underground of Pokemon Grand Underground Let’s discuss the best places you can find Pokemon within the Grand Underground.

Where can you search at Pokemon inside the Grand Underground?

The Grand Underground is home to a number of unique Pokemon which are not found in the original games. This is because the Grand Underground is the location to go to if players are seeking Magnemite, Ralts, Togepi and other Pokémon in the Platinum Pokedex. These Pokemon are often found in Pokemon Hideaways which are biomes on their own.


Build an area of foundation on the Grand Underground, where players will discover treasures, monuments as well as a range of uncommon Pokemon not found during the primary game.