Photomath MOD APK is one of the leading educational apps to help you learn math right on your Android device. You should consider downloading the MOD version of APKMODY to use Plus features for free.

Introduce about Photomath

What is Photomath?

Not only entertainment tools and utilities, apps for Android are also developed for educational purposes. You can find many related applications in this category, to help you learn to play the piano, learn to program, learn languages or even learn and solve math problems. Photomath is the application that I want to introduce to you in this article. It will help you solve math problems and you can learn a lot of new thinking methods.

How to use this app?

Photomath is developed based on image processing and machine learning technology. The problem-solving process also includes two steps. First, you need to allow the app to access the Camera. A frame will appear on the screen and you need to put the handwriting math inside. The image processing will operate to identify the input data and the corresponding math. The machine learning process will give answers, along with detailed steps.

There are two things worth mentioning, the first is the speed of computational processing. You can seem to get results right after a few seconds of waiting. The second is a very logical and detailed problem-solving process. The system will give corresponding implementation steps, making it easy for you to grasp the method and know why the problem has such results. Thanks to that, you can practice thinking and be able to solve other similar math problems.

To be honest, these math operations sometimes take you all day to come up with the right method. Photomath is a useful application that helps to make your learning progress better.

The best math learning support tool

Your learning process can be difficult without the right tools. Photomath is the best math learning aid you should have on your Android phone. It can solve many different types of math from simple to complex. Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of large numbers or matrices? Photomath will treat them like a universal calculator with a greater value limit than the Casio you have. Calculations that contain variables such as: solving quadratic equations, finding limits, integrating, linear / inequality equations, systems of hidden quadratic equations, … are also resolved quickly.

Not only giving solutions and steps to do it, Photomath also provides many different solutions. For example, finding the solution of a quadratic equation, Photomath can provide hints and solutions according to the factor analysis method or the squared complement method. The nature of machine learning is that the more you “learn”, the smarter the machine becomes. And this app is being learned every day, with millions of math problems being uploaded by users.

In addition, for hidden problems, the application also supports converting equations (in the form y = f (x)) and create corresponding graphs. You can check out the graph at the bottom of the solution to get a better overview.


Photomath uses technology to solve math problems, so you need to ensure a few factors. First, the picture is not blurred or broken. The photo needs to be clear in order for the application to detect the data.

Second, the math should be written on one line and the numeric or literal characters should be neatly written and easy to read.

MOD APK version of Photomath

MOD feature

Plus Unlocked: The Plus package in the app has already been registered. You just need to install and use them.

What’s more in the Plus version?

  • Custom math solutions
  • Explain problems in math textbooks

Thanks to these features, you can learn high school math better. It seems that all problems that you encounter have been researched and appropriately explained by Photomath’s team.

Download Photomath MOD APK for Android
Photomath has over 200 million installs on Android devices. The app also has a top rating point, with 4.7/5 stars from more than 2 million users. Thanks to Photomath, you can solve a lot of problems even using the free version. The Plus edition offers a premium experience with more knowledge. If you do not want to pay, please download and install the MOD APK version according to the link we provide.