Roblox’s Pet Simulator has had multiple updates in a month. Players are delighted to receive regular updates. They also get holiday themed pets.

Players from the United States and United Kingdom are thrilled about the new button, which is now available in the game. We have the following information to help you learn more about the December 18th update and Festive Cat SimX.

What’s a pet simulator X?

Roblox is a Roblox-based game that BIG Game released. It features cute little pets and colorful places. Players can purchase different items, grow their pets and then sell them on the market.

Pet Simulator allows players to explore the pet world, breed eggs and raise their pets. They can trade and upgrade their pets with other players later on and will have a full wallet. This may take some tricks and tips. We have information about Pet Festive Cat Sim X. First, let’s see what the Christmas updates contain.

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update

The game’s latest update is now available. Pet Simulator could get another update in conjunction with the Christmas Eve event. We will however discuss what we currently have:

  • Christmas Event:

You will find a brand new place where you can also buy Christmas eggs. The Christmas Event date has not been announced, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

  • 23 new pets:

Nearly 12 pets are included in the updates.

  • Gingerbread:

Gingerbread was the currency update gamers received during the event. The holiday event offers eggs for purchase for a short time.

  • 4 new eggs:

Limited-time eggs include Jolly Egg, Christmas Tree Egg, Egg of many Gifts, Gingerbread Egg and Egg of many Gifts.

You can also find loot bags, however they are not as easy to identify as ordinary bags. If you’re lucky enough, gingerbread and other festive gifts will be yours. This Map also received a holiday makeover and winter snow. The new update also includes an “Unequip all” button that will allow players to quickly equip their equipment without waiting.

Pet Festive Cat Sim X

The rarest pet in the game’s exclusive shop is the huge Festive cat. The following information is not yet known:

  • Golden Level: ?? ?
  • Rainbow level: ?
  • Dark Matter Level: ?? ?

The Egg of Many Gifts is a Christmas-themed egg that you can use to hatch your festive cat. This egg is 1.25 million and contains 7 pets. The chance of hatching is also 0.000002%.


We have now seen many updates from the Holiday and Christmas, including the massive Pet Festive Cat SIM X .