There are many online games that provide a simple way to relax and pass the time. The popularity and accessibility of online gaming has given rise to a new industry.

Many users are taking advantage to this opportunity and creating games and related artistic projects. They then display them on the internet. Another example is the Game from

This website is enjoying moderate user traffic and is growing in popularity mostly in the United States. This game is popular in the United States and has a lot of user traffic.

What does mean?

As we said, this is a simple game hosted on the website. Some sources claim that anonymous users created this game and website.

Other sources however suggest that Rafael Rozendaal is responsible for this project. A number of reliable sources indicate that Game is among the many single-serving games and projects created by the exact same visual artist. These games are gaining popularity in United States.

The Appearance, Working and Play of The Game

Let’s examine the details below about this project and how it was made.

  • The game’s appearance is very straightforward and simple, as is its description of being a one-serving project.
  • The website is simple white with a scrollable mouse.
  • Smartphone users are able to access the website via touch gestures.
  • The game works by cutting on the web page and turning blood red.

Further Details About Game

  • The website is translated to “Fatal of the Flesh”, which refers to skin that is extremely or hazardous.
  • The website and the game operate on the same principle. As such, players have the option to make cuts on their website.
  • These cuts are very close in design to the ones that were made on flesh.
  • Users can make changes to the homepage. The cut will appear like a cut on the flesh.
  • If the cut has been thickened, it will turn a reddish color and blood will begin to flow.
  • Is more of an artistic project than a video game. It has gained a lot of popularity recently.
  • Many people find this game amusing. Some also feel it’s an ideal time to relax and have fun. Some call it a commentary on human nature.
  • This site can be called an outlet for anyone who is feeling down or contemplating self-harm.

The Final Verdict

A single-serving project called Fatal to the Flesh is gaining popularity. We have included all the pertinent information.

What do YOU think about this project. Are you satisfied with the website’s ability to vent frustration? In the comments, please share your views on the game. Additionally, you can use this as a relaxation and mind-calming game.