Are you who is looking to research or buy important non-fungible tokens in the crypto market? If so, read this article to the end to learn more about the subject mentioned earlier.

These tokens, which cannot be duplicated, are getting huge acceptance by crypto enthusiasts in all over the United States as they have a distinct value. The announcement recently made by the world’s leading drinks company has revealed the possibility of these unique tokens in the coming years. Read on Pepsi Mic Drop NFT.

About Pepsi NFT Collection

The Pepsi NFT Collection is made up of different NFTs created on Ethereum blockchain with a generative design. The development and dissemination of these NFTs is designed to showcase the vision of the future that the company has and demonstrate its ability to embrace and adjust to technological advancements in the current age.

Since its launch around 1993, Pepsi have made a number of revolutionary changes to the beverage industry, such as using the most advanced equipment, and introducing automation etc. Pepsi enters the NFT world to replicate the revolutionary strategies they’ve used to transform the industry.

Pepsi Mic Drop NFT

  • To commemorate Pepsi’s founding In honor of Pepsi’s creation, the NFT team made the 1893 tokens of genesis.
  • Within these tokens from 1893 fifty unique attributes are split into six different categories which include stages, accessories microphones, etc.,
  • These NFT Collections also pay tribute to pop legends and icons of the music industry. This unique concept led to creating Mic Drop.
  • The tokens are based on the ERC-721 and do not have charges for royalty or tokens. The purchaser only has to pay for gas costs.

How to buy Pepsi NFTs?

  • The first step to purchase Pepsi Mic Drop NFT is to purchase the product. Pepsi Mic Drop NFT is to create an account on MetaMask account.
  • The user can go to MetaMask’s official MetaMask website to create an account free of charge. Install the Chrome extension for simplicity of use. Users with other reliable wallets are also able to participate.
  • You must load into your MetaMask bank account using enough Ethereum in order for the buyer to pay a minimum cost for gas to purchase the NFTs. 0.1 Ethereum is sufficient to pay for gas costs in the majority of instances.
  • Verify that the address of the wallet is correct prior to beginning transfer ETH transfer. The address for the wallet should begin beginning with “0x”.
  • When the ETH has been deposited within the account, users is able to create an NFT. Pepsi Mic Drop NFT.
  • After the NFT is claimed and the NFT owner can either sell or trade the NFT through the most popular secondary markets, such as OpenSea or any other NFT marketplaces that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • According to official information from Pepsi the waiting list Date as well as Mint Date are on 10th December 2021 and the 14th of December 2021, respectively.


NFTs are getting massively accepted in the coming years as well-known international brands are developing and distribution of official NFTs to their customers and their.