Isn’t the internet an extremely useful place for finding information on virtually everything and anything? However, scammers and hackers are also attracted to the platform to steal people’s financial information to empty their accounts.

Paythat Scam is one of the many internet scams, especially in South Africa. It is a scam that makes people believe they can share their information. We will be discussing Scam in this article.

What’s Paythat?

Paythat is an online tool that lets you find out about traffic fines in the city cape town in South Africa. You can use the Traffic Infringement number or the ID number to search for fines.

Some scams currently exist on the internet. Users have shared information about receiving messages about impending fines and a link. These messages were shared by and ask users to pay using the link.

It is a Scam and no messages are shared by the platform with any users. We will then share more details about the scam in the following sections.

An Overview of

  • The City of Cape Town has recently updated its traffic lines and paid-by-law contravention statements.
  • This is because the contract with third-party services has expired.
  • Three channels can be added to the payment line by using QR codes: Masterpass, Snapscan, and Zapper.
  • Users can also use the link to make payments.
  • These payments can also be made at various payment stations. Fraud – Safeguarding from Scams

According to sources, the new payment channels and won’t be available. These payment channels will close on 01 July 2022. These payment options will be visible in the phase and in traffic notices. However, it is not recommended to use them all at once.

Aside from that, no official message is sent to users individually asking them to pay. A link was included in the scam asking users to pay fines via the link. Users are advised to remain vigilant and not reveal any financial information to Scam. To make payments, you should only use the official website for checking the fine.

Final Conclusion

To answer many questions, users can also consult the FAQs on the website. All information on this website is taken directly from the internet and we do not claim any rights to it.

You can find out more about scams and how to make payments via the website.

Have you received any messages from as well? Please leave your comments and thoughts in the section.