Are you searching for the best rigs for chest? This article will guide you to the best chest rigs.

Are you an Army person? Are you interested in buying gear for your military career? Let’s hope that this helps you get the points you need to stay connected.

We know that the army has a very specific outlook. Therefore, they would like to shop online for unique outfits.

Let’s now talk about the Onwardresearch . This website claims to have stuff for military professionals such as equipment, accessories, and more in the United States.

So you can review all points of the website URL as well as the reviews from shoppers at

About onwardresearch

Onwardresearch provides an online shopping platform that sells military gear, accessories, and more.

The items are beautiful and affordable.

If you plan to order products online, make sure that you verify the legitimacy of the portal. Is Does Legit

Some Important Points About

  • The company has shared the email support for any questioning, i.e., [email protected].
  • The URL of the website is
  • The platform also shows the phone number (844 469 6222).
  • The company has included the address of 10011 bridge portway SW Ste 150 #286 Lakewood WA 98499.
  • It offers subscriptions as well.
  • Every item offered by the company looks unique.
  • We also looked at social media. However, the website does not have pages, so no public relations for the company.
  • The portal has not been mentioned by any user anywhere.
  • You have 14 days from the date you received the items to make a claim for a refund, return, exchange or credit. This is the website’s refund policy.
  • This is where you can make payment online via stripe or paypal, mastercard, VISA and other methods.
  • The security certificates issued by different protocols ensure that the podium is safe.


  • You can easily connect to them as all necessary communication media have been specified on the URL.
  • The items appear professional and sophisticated so you should at least take once.
  • Safety is not an issue as the company claims that it will pay 100% of all payments.

Cons on the website

  • It claims to have very few items.
  • Google Maps is not able to show the address of the company, so it looks fake.
  • It is possible to verify the podium by looking at the feedback of the shopper, but it is impossible because there aren’t any lines.
  • There is very little data available on the portal. It does not include all points.

Is Legit ?

  • The website is not new in online era. It was established 16/09/2020.
  • The website will be removed on 16/06/2028.
  • The portal achieved a trust rank score of 58.8 from 100 internet users, which is very good.
  • The website has a trust index.
  • There are no past reviews.
  • There is no activity, publicity, or publicity on social networking websites like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • The website’s content, which has been copied from other websites is very minimal.
  • No information about founders has been published.

We can only say that it looks suspicious because there is no feedback. Also, the points above suggest that you should not purchase this product.

User Review is the site that offers gear and accessories to the army professional.

For the actuality of the podium, however, we used the internet. We could not find any outputs from the last user. We will wait to see the reviews.

If you are thinking of buying, be sure to check the for information on how to save money with a creditcard.

Final Verdicts

Last but not least, let’s end the post using important items for professional Army gear, accessories etc., no customer Reviews, wrong address, few available items, and many others. First, see how you can obtain payment from a paypal scam.

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