Do you like parasailing and jet skiing? Clearwater Beach is the place for you, if yes. Haven’t you? It is one of the most popular and loved beaches in the United States. Recent mishaps near this location have led to many injuries.

This one was even more devastating for many. Sources say it took place between a woman (or a man) about 4-6 days before. It isn’t clear if it was suicide, or murder. Let’s take a look at Clearwater Beach Suicide.

Was it suicide or murder?

Answer to this question is “self-defense.” This was an unusual scenario in which a man was killed by a woman using a gun. He tried to forcefully enter a room occupied by a woman alone, but she grabbed her pistol to shoot him.

The body of the victim was found by the police officers at the crime spot. The man was instantly dead, and the woman reported that the stranger had fatally broken into her room.

Investigators’ Opinions on Clearwater Beach Shooting

According to the investigators they received a phone call at 8:45 from a woman. They tried to get there as soon as they could, but witnessed something very unusual. After extensive investigation, they were able to identify the man. Justin William Wright, 26 was the man.

They also stated that the victim sustained injuries while trying to protect herself. The woman legally bought the gun. Further investigations, judgements, and identifications are needed.

Clearwater Beach Suicide Trending

The confusion caused by the many people involved in this case is what makes it controversial. Some thought it might have been suicide. The rest of the group are still trying hard to determine whether this is a murder or self-defense.

We don’t even know her identity or the autopsy reports. Therefore, we think that we should wait to see the proper conclusion from the investigation team.

What Punishment Can You Get?

Thinking rationally about the Clearwater Beach Shooting ,we need to know what future punishments a women can face. So self-defense killings in the United States are not criminalized according to the law and order. As long as an individual is not urged to murder another person in self defense, they can avoid any illegal penalties.

This scenario has a condition that the defendant must prove that they were an imminent threat to prevent them from being arrested. To be free from further punishments, Justin’s murderer must prove her innocence. Otherwise, she’ll be executed or imprisoned for life.


As a final thought, Clearwater Beach Suicidewas a complete disaster. However, self-defense is a valid reason to be appreciative of the strength and courage displayed by that woman. We must also pledge to do the same. If it was murder we want the rightful and appropriate punishment.

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