Do you recognize these symbols of white supremacy? Have you heard about the Ok sign? Do you want to know more? If so, check out this article.

From 2017 onwards, a fraud or a propaganda campaign involving an Ok hand symbol has been spreading messages of supremacy for white people across the globe particularly within the United States. In this article we will talk about the Ok Hand Symbol Scam.

About Ok Symbols

Since the beginning the hand gesture that was captured on film has been associated with positive meaning The hand gesture is used widely for conveying the notion that everything is that everything is okay or everything is fine. But, it’s been used for a variety of reasons, but most notable is as an expression for white supremacy. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the symbol has turned into a threatening meme.

What is the origin for”OK?” Ok Sign?

People have used this gesture for centuries usually in positive conditions. It is used in sign languages for many reasons, but also for yoga, as a symbol of inner peace.

About Ok Symbol Scam

In February of 2017, an unidentified 4channer announced Operation KKK, warning others to attack Twitter as well as other popular social media websites using the symbol, claiming it was a sign of white supremacy. Ok symbol was a sign of supremacy in white. The Ok symbol was turned into an Scam.

The user also posted diagrams of ways to sketch the initials of WP that is used to create white power in an OK gesture. The creator as well as others have provided hashtags such as NotOkay and PowerHandPrivilege in order to spread the word about the scam.

Through this scam, 4channer tried to deceive everyone else to believe it was the case that his Ok gesture was a sign of white supremacy.

Following the example by The Ok symbol Scam creator 4channers created fake e-mail addresses and Twitter handles and targeted journalists, civil rights organizations as well as those who sent messages in support of Ok Symbol Scam. Ok scam.

The conspiracists might have been racists or white supremacists too since certain parts of 4chan provide shelter to racists, and the social media website has served as a resource for supporters of the right-wing part of the white nationalists.

Operation O-KKK’s first launch slowed down before getting extremely far. However, it resurfaced again in April however this time it was more effective in spreading across social media and beyond as in the process, the OK Symbol Scam was made famous.

How White Supremacy Symbols Like Ok Spread So Far and Wide?

White symbols and symbols of nationalists On the other hand are not accepted quickly, and they grow organically with time. For electronic symbols, the process of acceptance and expanding use could take months, and even years.


The Ok scam was just one of many scams where 4channers falsely believed that white supremacists were responsible for seemingly innocent objects, symbols and gestures, in order to fool liberals and convince them to disseminate false messages.