Have you ever played a streamed joke riddle? What are the riddles you can solve to complete these games? The good news? Stream 3000 summer sales riddles, as well as many other exciting games, are available to everyone in the world, including those from the United States and Brazil. Are you able to find all the answers to all the clues? Are you able to identify of the Consecration Esthme. Continue reading if you don’t have any idea.

Summer Sale

  • The Stream 3000 Summer Sale is an online platform that allows gamers and people to play fun games. It also includes an exciting and funny riddle game.
  • A fictional character called clorthax will give you 10 clues. Each clue connects to a fake game he has in the stream’s shop. To answer the clue, you must find that game in that store.

These are the clues and explanations for all games.

All Clues Answer and Consecration of Esthme steam

Clue No. 1 Answer: Guitar Billionaire.

Game Description: The game’s objective is to make a guitar that can be played in both an easy and difficult mode.

Clue No. 2 Answer: Custard Castle Small Claims Courts.

Game Description: This game is about the wisest princess, petal, who settled district disputes.

Clue no. 3 Answer is “Bass Ain’t Bitin”2022.

Game Description: This game is all about selling and buying angling equipment. Who forgot the bats baseball 2022?

Clue no. 4 Answer: Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate.

Description of the game: This game involves collecting dead seagulls, and creating a beautiful zoo.

The Consecration of Esthme Steam answers which clue number. ? Continue reading to learn more.

Clue 5 Answer: Actually …: Frankenstein’s Monster Edition.

Game description: This game is about Halloween, monster classics and other scary stories

Clue no. 6 Answer: It’s probably fine.

Game Description: This game concerns a girl who hasn’t paid 37 parking tickets and hits a deer while driving.

Clue no 7: Help get the King to The Toilet

Game Description: This game concerns a wise king who is cursed by a witch to forget his three-year-old daughter and where the toilet is. Clue 8 Answer: Of The Consecration Esthme.

Game Description: This game is about the dad. While he doesn’t want his son to learn programming, create games, and be an influencer, he does not want him to make a five-star video game.

Clue 9 Answer: Pro Poker Amateur

This game is simple and fun.

Clue no. 10 Answer: Hold in Your Farts.

Game Description: Solomon is looking for a companion.


We informed our readers about the answers to the clues and gave of the Consecration Esthme which is the answer for clue 8. For more information, please visit this HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_