This article provides all the information and definitions you need about and wordle370.

Are you a genius wordle solver Are you good at solving puzzles? Are you curious if Slite word has any connection to any new update? So let’s just be clear. The wordle has not updated any version related to this keyword. Why is this keyword so popular among puzzle-solvers?

Players from the United Kingdom , India, Australia and New Zealand are trying to figure out all the details. Let’s get started by showing you how Slite links to the puzzle.

Is Slite related to the wordle puzzle

After extensive research across many internet mega-platforms, we found that it is simply a misspelled solution for wordle #370. SMITE is correct for the 24th of June wordle. Both words have rhyming relationships and are almost identical letters with the exception of one at second position.

According to the wordle, the correct letter is M at 2nd position. But, players got lost and substituted L for M. The letter became Slite instead. Let’s examine the meanings of the hints to determine the connectivity between the answer and the hint.

Smite Slite

  • Smite Meaning: It has a very peaceful meaning. It refers either to friendly connection, or peace, and acts of mutual understanding, agreement, as well as peace, between two nations.
  • Slite – A act of breaking up, ripping up and wearing & tear to slit.
  • Both meanings can therefore be understood easily and both words are valid.

Is Slite scrabble?

We discovered that this is not a valid Scrabble Word because it owes something. Therefore, we can answer “yes” the question .

Hints on the Wordle #370

  • Today’s wordle word contains 2 unrepeated letters.
  • Vowels used: “I” & “E”
  • The ending letter is a vowel. It is “E”.
  • The starting letter of a document is a constant. It is “S”.
  • Major Hints

How to Play Wordle

  • Check out the official site, which is listed in the concluding paragraph.
  • After carefully reviewing the hints, fill in the 5 boxes by making a word.
  • You have six chances. To find the correct answer, follow the color indication.

Slite Game : What are the color indications?

  • Green Color: The right letters should be in the right spots.
  • Yellow color – Guessed letters are correct. However, the positions are incorrect.
  • Grey Color – These letters are incorrect.

Why is this wordle word so popular?

Many players have filled in the tiles only with one wrong letter at 2nd position. The wordle became Slite. Gamers are trying to determine the wordle word.

Last Words

After extensive research, we are able to say that SMITE is the right answer, and Sliteis a mistaken guess. Are you worried about the incorrect guess? Fear not! Click here on the Official Website to play wordle the next time. In the comment section, please share your guesses about wordle word.