Have you been informed of the tragic death of a vice president from the soccer club in recent times? Are you aware of the motive to his passing? If not then you should check out all the information you can about Brad Kerrivan’s passing.

Today, people across Canada have been grieving the loss Brad Kerrivan. People are eager to learn about his funeral, which is why it’s tribute to Kerrivanis being discussed on the web. If you want to know more regarding his death, you must go through the entire article.

News About Brad Kerrivan

Brad Kerrivan’s death has been reported via social networks since the 3rd April 2022. This is the reason why people inquire about the funeral as well as the date of the funeral and the date of burial via social media. The death has been confirmed by Paradise Soccer Club on its Facebook page.

The public also wants to know more about the reason of his death , and also want to express condolences to his family.

Let’s explore in depth the person who was Brad Kerrivan and other details before searching for details about Kerrivan’s funeral..

About Brad Kerrivan

Brad Kerrivan, 42, was a volunteer, Vice President and coach for the Paradise Soccer Club. The club was located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He was a wonderful father as well as son and spouse.

Cause of Death

Although the reason for the death wasn’t revealed according to some websites, he died from a head-on collision that occurred between two vehicles that were on the road. The accident occurred around 12:00:45 a.m. on the westbound lanes between Southlands Boulevard and Ruth Avenue. At first, firefighters arrived on the scene to put out the flames. Then, came the health paramedics.

Obituary Kerrivan

The specifics of the obituary written by his family members will be released at a later date. In the meantime his club has expressed sincere condolences to Brad’s family and asked for everyone to remain in the thoughts of Brad as well as his entire family members in their thoughts and prayer.

Everyone was shocked by Brad’s passing and offered their condolences for the family members of Brad.

Police Action over the Accident

According to the police the report, one person was killed while another was severely injured as a result of the crash. Police have requested the video footage as well as witnesses of the scene in order to inquire further into the incident. The westbound roadway has been shut down to aid in the investigation.

Social Media’s reaction to Kerrivan’s funeral Kerrivan

A number of family members and friends offered their condolences in the photo above. One of his acquaintances shared Brad’s image in memories of Brad. A photo of Brad singing with his father was also posted on Twitter. A condolence message was posted as well.


The specifics of the funeral obituary for Brad are not yet available but the family is expected to be able to share more details. The family members, the friends, and Paradise Soccer Club have already posted condolences on social media. Apart from providing details ,you can help police with police investigations into criminals by giving necessary details.