The article was based upon information related to the Obide Wordle to ensure that the confusion will go away.

Are you keeping up-to-date with the popular game called Wordle? Have you ever had Wordle number 306 fool you? Yes? Do not be shy, as many participants are in the same group from Canada as well as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India as you.

It was the 21st of April and the people were puzzled with the solution. There was a chance that they had gotten some clues but they mostly regarded that obide was the answer. Was obide a solution? Does anyone have a similar experience to Obide Wordle? We’ll look at the details below.

Is There Anything Like Obide?

Unfortunately the answer to the question of yours is not. There isn’t any word similar to the word obide. It has no meaning. However, it can serve as a legitimate term to make a scrabble of other shorter words.

Instead of obide rather than obide, Internet indicates “abide,” which means that you have ratified or made a ruling through a statute, judgement or suggestion. What are the clues for 21st April’s Wordle? What is the exact answer to the 21st of April’s Wordle? It is important to look into the clues below.

Hints Related to Obide Game 

  • The phrase contains three vowels.
  • The word is connected to the chemistry.
  • The vowels are present in the medial, initial and final symbol locations.
  • There are other examples such as Fe2O3 as well as Al2O3.
  • It begins by beginning with O and finishes at E. E.
  • The solvent is binary that combines oxygen, which is a component of another group.
  • Chemical mix.

So, here are some tips or clues to aid you in your search. If you have an chemistry background you probably know that answer before. Let’s look at more details in the next section.

Obide Wordle Number 306 Answer-

This section will provide the answer to the 21st day of April’s Wordle. The solution for Wordle 306 would be Oxide. It’s a term that’s related to chemistry. It also completes all clues in the section of tips.

The term “oxide” refers to a solvent chemical that contains at minimum one oxygen particle as well as an other component of the chemical mix. The majority of Earth’s surface is composed of strong oxides that result in the oxidizing of components caused by oxygen in the atmosphere or in liquid.

Even those that are considered real components often create one or more oxide layers. The answer to Does Obide have a meaning? is clear: There is no.

Why is this trending?

The pattern and the controversy surrounding the word and the answer to the word obide are quite evident. The participants must have been confused when they looked over the answers. The fifth clue is unclear and seems to justify the obvious answer.

It begins with the letter o and finishes with the letter. There is a chance that people who do not come from a background in chemistry figured this specific word as a solution. Also, there are many chances for people to use their hasty behavior to interpret this bizarre word as the answer.


Based on research conducted online Based on research conducted online, the Obide Wordle question is now resolved. Obide wasn’t the only answer, however, players were able to guess the answer for a variety of reasons. It’s Oxide which is detailed here. We hope that we have solved your problem and helped to find the right answer.

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